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The Left has spoken: Today, we are all extremists!

The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belong to one category.” Adolf Hitler

“At this point, whatever dividing line there was between mainstream conservatism and the black-helicopter crowd seems to have been virtually erased.” - NY Times Columnist Paul Krugman

(I found the following article to pretty much sum up my "feelings" on how Conservatives are being labeled and attacked all for the sole purpose as categorizing as nut jobs! Conservatives are not "all" nut jobs any more than all liberals are, there are extremists on all sides. As my provincial family always taught me growing up, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!" Yeah, I said it and you are entitled to my opinion! VN8)

By John T. Simpson
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Really sucks to be a conservative these days. I feel like I’m walking around with a big bulls-eye on my back. I know many of the Left, especially Keith Olbermann, Frank Rich, Paul Krugman, the New York Times editorial staff and all the pundits at HuffPo and KOS would find that statement hilariously ironic, given the recent shooting deaths of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas and security guard Steven T. Johns at the Holocaust Museum. Then again, they’re not the ones being branded en masse as co-conspirators in those murders. Conservatives are.

As a bonus, the recent arrest of Jason Bush, a national executive director of the Minuteman anti-illegal immigration group, for brutal murders committed during a home invasion, is also fueling the fire of portraying Righties as inherently violent extremists-in-waiting. Yet Cambodians and other ethnic gangs pull violent home invasions against the vulnerable in their enclaves, which have included brutal murders, on a regular basis. No one’s calling them a threat to the Republic, or branding all Cambodians as inherently violent. They are, in fact, its greatest victims.

Curiously absent in the above blanket indictments of conservatives were the facts that the Holocaust Museum shooter, James von Brunn, was a radical anti-Semite and anti-conservative with a long history of attacking the Right, even going so far as attempting to kidnap President Reagan’s entire Federal Reserve Board back in the 1980s. He was also an ardent proponent of the ‘9/11 was an inside job’ tinfoil conspiracy theory. In that respect, he has a lot more in common with Dylan Avery and Rosie O’Donnell than Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

Also curiously absent was the recent shooting death of Pvt. William Long and wounding of another soldier outside a Little Rock recruiting center by an anti-military Islamic convert. Again, that kind of hatred and violence toward the military has far more in common with Code Pink than FOX News. It was not radical conservatives who poured concrete on military rail lines in Olympia, Washington, nothing less than an act of sabotage during wartime. Nor was it a right wing extremist who set off a bomb in front of a Times Square Army recruiting office.

Yet I do not hold all the aforementioned esteemed MSM mouthpieces, or the Left as a whole, responsible for those violent and destructive acts. Nor do I hold the entire American Left responsible for FBI Most Wanted Terrorist Daniel Andreas San Diego’s bombings in San Francisco. Or the violent acts of other eco-terrorists, like the firebombings of scientists’ homes while they and their families were still inside, or the burning down of research labs, car dealerships and housing developments which have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. Or the highly destructive acts of the ‘elves’ of the Earth Liberation Front.

I also do not hold all left-leaning gay rights advocates responsible for the white powder mailings to Mormon churches by gay radicals. I do not hold the Left responsible for any those singular acts of violent left-wing extremist groups and individuals because of one simple fact: they all didn’t do it.

Fact is, America has always been a land overflowing with nutjobs of all stripes. Sales of the Anarchist Cookbook rival Betty Crocker’s. Some lone psychos have done incredible damage in all sorts of brutal and heinous ways. Lee Harvey Oswald. James Earl Ray. Timothy McVeigh. Theodore Kaczynski, aka the Unabomer. David Koresh. Andrew Cunanin. Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph. John Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo. Michael McDermott. Daniel Andreas San Diego. And that’s not even counting serial killers like Ted Bundy, John Wanye Gacy and Henry Lee Lucas.

American law enforcement has their hands full. Always have. Sometimes they are successful in stopping extremists from attacking, as was the case with the Fort Dix Six and Bronx synagogue bombing plotters, who also planned to shoot down military aircraft with Stinger missiles. In other not-so-fortunate circumstances law enforcement was left to deal with the violent aftermath, as was the case recently with the aforementioned Tiller, Holocaust Museum and Little Rock shootings.

There is, however, a distinct difference in America today regarding these lone nutjob killers that have plagued us throughout our history. They are now being politicized by the Left in much the same way Hitler manipulated the Reichstag Fire: to brand the entire mainstream conservative movement in the country as extremist threats to the Republic, requiring strong government intervention.

In other words, today we are all extremists.

Just ask Paul Krugman. Or Frank Rich. Or rest of the New York Times editorial staff in their ‘Hate Crimes and Extremist Politics’ oped. Want to see some real hate speech? Check out the comments sections of those Times posts. Those comments, as well as many other recent posts on left-wing blogs, reveal a stunning turnaround on the Left regarding political profiling, censorship, tapping phones and blanket monitoring of the Internet. I guess it all depends who’s being targeted. How quickly things change when it’s the Left running the show.

But all this is really nothing new. President Bill Clinton implied that Rush Limbaugh shared some culpability in the Oklahoma City bombings way back in 1995. Yet the degree to which the Mainstream Media and the Left is attacking the Right over these recent murders goes way beyond just implying. Those bloody corpses are being tossed right on the doorsteps of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and any other conservative pundit they can think of, as well as blanket condemnation and guilt by association of all their millions of listeners.

Noticeably absent also from this discussion of political extremism was the KILL BUSH death cult on the Left that screamed for the President’s blood and brutal murder for years. Or that most Lefties falsely accused President Bush of staging the worst terror attack in American history against his own citizens. I believe the subsequent bombings by Al Qaeda of London, Madrid, Bali, Iraq, Jordan, or any of the other 13,000-plus Islamist acts of terror since 9/11, put that subject to rest with all but the most dedicated conspiracy theorists. That is clearly Al Qaeda’s modus operandi, as it was way back in 1993 during the first attack on the WTC when Bill Clinton was President.

Also no mention of the Left’s David Dukes, the black supremacist, hate-mongering Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the bloodstained, racebaiting and mayhem-inciting Rev. Al Sharpton. Or the Left’s unrepentant Timothy McVeighs, domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, now Leftie icons. You want to talk hateful, extremist, violence-inciting behavior and speech from the other side of the political spectrum? I guess not, huh, Paul? Rich? Keith? HuffPo? KOS?

See how it works? One eye open, one eye closed. Guess which eye is conveniently sewn shut.

Nothing new there, either. For decades the radical Left has engaged in, equivocated or looked the other way on egregious political behavior while at the same time painting all conservatives as extremists by, ironically, adopting extremist positions themselves. This political demonization of the conservative opposition has been flourishing on the Left under the Obama administration. Worse, that demonization has even been given credence and official sanction by such top government officials as David Axelrod and Janet Napolitano.

Now, as much as the Left howled about the Bushitler regime during the past eight years, when did Bush, Karl Rove or anyone else declare all Lefties a clear and present danger to the Republic, even when assassinating the President became a cultural fad in Leftie plays, books, movies, merchandising and art exhibits, egged on even by Air America’s Randy Rhodes simulation of President Bush’s assassination on the air?

Never mind how much the Left is freaking out now over James von Brunn. Can you imagine if the far right made a popular subculture out of assassinating President Obama to the degree Lefties did under President Bush? Or if Glenn Beck simulated the President’s assassination on the air, like Randy Rhodes did at Air America? They’d all be screaming for martial law and internment camps!

I can’t help but wonder. Now that the Left controls the media and all branches of government, do they see their golden opportunity to shut down the hated Right once and for all in this country? Perhaps only now we are finding out the Left’s true definition of unity: singularity of political thought and opinion, and the silencing of all the annoying competing ideologies. What should be vigorous and thoughtful political debate on important issues that concern us all is fast becoming an ideological pogrom. Dissenting views are no longer opposing opinions. They are now thoughtcrime.

This is not right wing extremist paranoia. The track record speaks for itself.

Example. I don’t dislike President Obama because he’s a Socialist raiding the Treasury and nationalizing private industry faster than Hugo Chavez. Or for firing an Inspector-General without notifying Congress, in violation in a law he himself signed off on. Or that his Justice Department under Eric Holder just gave the baton-wielding “you will soon be ruled by the black man, cracker” Black Panther ‘poll monitor’ thugs a total pass, despite a default conviction and the assessment by Mr. Bartle Bull, a former Robert Kennedy campaign manager and prominent election observer of the Civil Rights era calling it “the worst voter intimidation I’ve ever seen.”

And he monitored elections in the South during the Jim Crow era. How bad is that?

No, I don’t dislike the President for any of that. I hate him just because he’s black. In fact, if you’re a conservative these days, you have no valid reason to oppose anything other than mindless right wing hate and bigotry. You have no valid reason to protest President Obama’s spending us into financial oblivion. You are a redneck racist teabagger, and most likely a rabble-rousing neo-Nazi or white supremacist, according to a memo passed around by liberal Democrats in Congress.

You have no valid moral, social or religious reasons to oppose gay marriage. You’re a Nazi and a homophobe. Or Nouveau Jim Crow KKK crackers, as the Boston Phoenix termed those opposing gay marriage. You have no valid reason to oppose Sonia Sotomayer. If you do, you’re a sexist and a racist, and you’d best tread carefully around her. Never mind anything she’s ever said or done, like upholding the blatantly discriminatory Ricci decision now before the US Supreme Court.

Never mind all that. She’s a wise Latina woman, and better than a white man. Watch your step!

You have no valid reason to oppose the millions of illegals flooding our country without procedure or proper criminal, medical or psychological screenings, as was done on Ellis Island, or support securing our borders as every other nation on earth does. You are a vile racist nationalist, just like that Minuteman killer Jason Bush. If you question the populist science of Global Warming that over 31,000 scientists dispute, or oppose any of the draconian taxes and regulations we are about to get slammed with via the Waxman-Markey bill, you are a heretic on the order of a Holocaust denier.

Never mind all the record low temperatures worldwide, or the discrediting of data presented by GW gurus Hansen and Gore as either defective or outright fraudulent. Or the political power and financial riches ‘green’ proponents like Al Gore and GE’s Jeffrey Immelt stand to gain that would dwarf Big Oil profits. I’m not saying that we should pollute the earth until we all choke from it, as GW True Believers will no doubt accuse me of. I’m just saying. Rational debate of the subject on the Left is nonexistent. As it is with most every political subject under the sun.

Is it really any surprise Michael Savage was banned from Britain for what is essentially thoughtcrime, given that government’s extreme left-wing bent? How soon before he is banned here, along with every other conservative pundit on the radio? But this is the mindset of today’s Left. If you do not agree with their extreme positions on the issues, you are branded as the worst kind of extremist yourself, publicly and repeatedly. Just as we conservatives are being painted right now with the same bloody brush of killers who committed acts 99.99999% of us would never dream of. That is not reasoned debate. It is ideologically driven hate and tyranny of thought.

That mindset makes no distinction between violence of speech, i.e. heated political rhetoric, which is Constitutionally protected, and violence of action and criminal speech, i.e. incitement to violence, which is not. It is that twisted perspective that made the assassinations of President Bush and VP Dick Cheney humorous and chic, yet responds to even the mildest criticism of President Obama by Rush Limbaugh with unbridled rage, petitions in Congress and demands to shut Rush up by hook or by crook, be it the Orwellian Fairness Doctrine or in the name of diversity.

Lefties commit the most egregious of slanders, yet take violent offense at every slight real or imagined. The Left even codifies that double standard by turning the language on its head in Orwellian fashion to make political evils appealing. Tolerance becomes a pretty name for exclusion, diversity a lofty term for bigotry. Censorship in the form of restrictive speech codes on college campuses around the country are enacted in the name of free speech.

But it doesn’t stop at the language. Abuse of authority and political power has become SOP on the Left. Cynthia Dixon was fired from her job as a college human resources director for her contrary Christian opinion on homosexuality, voiced in a local paper’s editorial page in response to a lefty lesbian faculty member’s pro-gay oped in the same.

The lesbian faculty member’s job, however, was never in danger, even after spewing incredibly vile vitriol at Dixon, with included the obligatory ‘racist bigot homophobe!’ Ironically, Cynthia Dixon is African-American. Where’s the EEOC when you need them? Unfortunately. Ms. Dixon is the wrong shade of black, i.e. Christian conservative. For more information on that subject, ref Michael Steele and Clarence Thomas. See, they’re not REAL minorities. They’re all Uncle Toms, don’t you know.

I’m sorry, who are the racists here again?

Harvard president Larry Summers was run out of his job on a rail for repeating a research-supported but politically incorrect scientific opinion on how men’s and women’s brains may work differently. So much for Veritas. But science is not a factor to the Left. Politics and ideology is all. State-employed climatologists were fired in Washington and Oregon for not toeing the Global Warming line. Lord Christopher Monckton, who holds an opposing view to Al Gore’s on Global Warming, was shut out of Congressional hearings the day after he flew over from England to testify.

See, to the egalitarian Left, all opinions are equal. It’s just that some are more equal than others.

The Left’s championing of women’s rights is also a sham. They routinely and publicly degrade women who don’t fit their ideological template. They publish and fall all over themselves laughing at a ‘Top Ten Conservative Women I’d Like To Hate-Fuck’ rape list and slander Sarah Palin without end, even joking about her being gang-raped. Carrie Prejean is derided as a fascist bitch and a cunt for voicing the same opinion on marriage as President Obama and most American citizens.

You see the pattern that’s emerging here? When has anyone on the Left been fired for expressing pro-gay views? When has Al Gore ever been shut out of speaking, as Lord Monckton was by liberal Democrats in Congress? Or attacked physically, as routinely happens to Ann Coulter and other conservative speakers on college campuses like clockwork?

If you want to talk extremism, left-wing extremists in America have been guilty of some very serious crimes in the last decade, as highlighted above. Again, you won’t find any of those crimes in the New York Times extremist hit list. No, let’s forget about all that left-wing extremist mayhem and hold talk radio and FOX News responsible for the acts of politically twisted or mentally disturbed individuals, as they seek to hold all mainstream conservatives responsible today for every violent act committed by lone psychos.

You want to blame Bill O’Reilly for Dr. Tiller’s death? What if President Bush had been assassinated by some lone leftie nutjob while he was President? Who would have been responsible? The assassin? Or everyone on the Left who encouraged Bush’s assassination with relish and glee? What about the white powder mailings to the Mormon Church by radical gay activists? Should we start FBI surveillance on the Prop H8 crowd because of the extremist acts of a few?

Should we clamp down on all American Muslims because of the violence domestic jihadis plotted or carried out, as with Little Rock, Fort Dix and the recent attempted bombing of a New York synagogue? Why is all the focus on the right side of the political spectrum, and all of the evils of the extreme Left being totally whitewashed or ignored today? Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question.

I have to tell you, people. I’m really starting to fear for this country. Left-wing demagogues like Frank Rich, Paul Krugman, Keith Olbermann, the New York Times editorial board, and all the others in the so-called mainstream media, branding all conservatives with the same bloody brushes as lone wolf psychos that have long been a problem in this country and always will be, not to mention all the shutting down of political discourse by inspiring fear, hatred and intimidation against the minority party, are doing a lot more damage to the fabric of this society, and American democracy itself, than a James von Brunn ever could with a .22 rifle.

I’ve got a radical right wing extremist idea. Why don’t we leave the nutjobs to law enforcement, and try to engage in the honored American tradition of healthy and vigorous political discourse without enacting new Nuremburg decrees or shredding the Constitution? Isn’t championing freedom of speech and expression and human rights what the Left is all about? So they say?

It is long past time for the Left to live up that credo. Because if the firings, shutting off of debate, censorship bills now in Congress, and the relentless demonization of the political opposition continues relentlessly and without end, as it has for so many years now, I’m just liable to think the dividing line between mainstream liberalism and the hate-filled totalitarian left-wing crowd has been virtually erased. You got all that, Paul? Frank? Pinchy? Keith? Janet? David? KOS? HuffPo?

GROW UP! I’m sick of dealing with a bunch of full-grown screaming control-freak toddlers! The Right isn’t going anywhere. In fact, our stars are ascending. FOX News and conservative blogs are putting the MSM out of business. And there’s a huge amount of discontent across the political spectrum over liberal Democrat policies since the Left took power.

The 2010 elections are starting to look a lot like 1994’s. And tell the truth, guys. Doesn’t that scare the hell out of you all a lot more than one or two lone shooters? And don’t just call me a right wing extremist. Let’s talk about the issues. I’m a reasonable guy. Don’t even own a gun. But just because I support the Second Amendment doesn’t make me a gun nut. I support it because it’s a Constitutional right. See how easy rational debate works? You all ought to try it sometime.

Last word. I opposed President Obama’s candidacy from the start. I disliked his polices, and I especially disliked his associations with real bomb-throwing extremists like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and racial hatemongers like Rev. Wright. I spoke out on blogs like this for a year against candidate Obama, and everything he and liberal Democrats stood for.

Yet shortly after Obama was elected President in November, I noticed a security vulnerability that fell within my area of expertise and called the Secret Service right away. Fortunately, they knew all about it. See, despite my extreme distaste for President Obama’s policies and associations, the American people spoke loud and clear last November. Barack Obama is now President of the United States.

As such, he represents a hallowed tradition of political stability and continuity of a government and most benevolent political system that I hold sacred, and is the envy of much of the world. I defended that system for six years in uniform, and would defend it again if need be. How ironic I must vigorously defend it today against those who profess to be its greatest champions.

There’s a right wing extremist for you, Lefties. Oh, and by the way, I and other conservatives like David Horowitz have spoken out loudly against the extremists in our ranks. Where was the condemnation of unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers on the day after 9/11, when he said in the New York Times that he hadn’t done enough? Why is he revered instead of reviled? Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question. But it does make me wonder who the real extremists are here.

After all, you don’t see the right glorifying politically-motivated mass murderers. Hmm. Curious.


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Bravo! This is an excellent post. Very, very well done. I will do all I can to make sure it gets some traction.

ehvogel said...

Okay, I'm a ditz! I just now realized you didn't write it. I submitted it to the TCOT Report. Hopefully, they will choose to link to it via your website.

Lee said...

There isn't much left to say after that. Simpson said it better than I ever could. I liked the lead off with the Krugman quote. That idiot says these things and is considered an economic genius by the NYT reading crowd.

You know, Brietbart has been carrying some really good pieces lately. Actually, he always has.

Can I go off topic for a second? Thank you. Speaking of Paul Krugman (and I know we'd rather not), the proprietor over at, Donald Luskin, slaps Krugman around at every opportunity. Luskin also contributes to National Review and, for a time, ran a blog called the Krugman Truth Squad, devoted to debunking the little socialist. Anyway...

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Vogel, wow, thanks for stopping by! I do post some original blogs when I get all fired up, but most of the time, I just post blogs that reflect how I feel! It is a great blog post and Lee is the person who brought this one to my attention! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Lots of visitors to the blog but now so many who comment so I appreciate your time.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is TCOT Report?


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Lee, I love Brietbart! There is so much great stuff out there I can't get to it all!

Praying for a positive resolution for the people of Iran who want to overthrow tyranny! VN8