Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

"We the people of the United States to form a more perfect union request that you must intervene! Travesty has befallen American Idol. We all know that Adam should have been the winner of this season, but no, America is not ready for that kind of change. They solely voted against Adam because he was "different". VN8"

Oh please give me a break! Kris won because the people who were voting for the guy who was kicked off last week, turned and voted for Kris, for whatever reason. Adam is an incredibly talented guy and did a great "Freddie Mercury" tonight, will have a huge solo career, but he simply didn't win.

It was the best finale of American Idol I've ever seen! Keith Urban, man incredible! Queen was a smashing success! Rod Stewart can still belt out the tunes "Maggie, I think I got something to say to you . . . ." And KISS, wow, now that made me feel ancient!

Just so you know, I don't watch AI until they are down to the last three so I miss a lot of the drama, thank goodness! The purpose of this blog is the fact that three hours after the announcement of the winner, the rumors are already swirling that it was discrimination, the world wasn't ready for a "gay" American Idol. If this contest had been in England or Europe, Adam would have won. American has spoken. For whatever reason, Adam didn't win and I don't care if he's an alien from another planet, I didn't care for his nail polish! Maybe the President can "bail us out of another dilema of divisiveness! Yeah, I said it and you are entitled to my opinion. VN8


Anonymous said...

VN8, I don't follow American Idol because, well, frankly I haven't seen anything worth idolizing. But I digress. I guess this means the gay lobby isn't quite the majority they think they are! Sort of like liberals, eh?

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the show, I read about it but I could care less about the show.
Adam was good but I liked the Kris because he was good and he seemed down to earth. I liked that he played several instruments too. I don't think Adam being gay had anything to do with it. WE don't know how tight the votes were either.
Personally I think people don't like being told that one is the winner from the get go. They kept telling Adam he was the guy to beat and everyone thought he had it in the bag, voters don't like that, they want to be the one to decide. Maybe because everything thought he had it in the bad, they didn't vote.

I like with Dancing with the stars and the vote that night was a shock to a lot of folks too. I love Shawn Johnson and but Gilles by far a better dancer in my book but because the judges kept saying he was the man to beat, the voters want to make that decision.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Jinxie, I believe you are correct, there's lots of psychology that goes into the minds of voters on all fronts! LOL

Gilles was definitely the best dancer and I'm sad the season is over even though I only watch it too when they get down to the final weeks! What a body he had, OM goodness!

Hope all is well! VN8