Thursday, December 3, 2009

Poor Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is fading in the ratings.

The respected CNN anchor has seen his numbers slip significantly through the past year. His 10 p.m. show, "Anderson Cooper 360," has declined 62% in total viewers and 70% in adults 25-54 from November 2008, according to Nielsen figures.

Last month, in Cooper's time slot, Fox News' "On the Record" attracted an average viewership of 1.9 million while "360" averaged 672,000; repeats of MSNBC's "Countdown" and HLN's Nancy Grace show averaged 655,000 and 458,000, respectively.

But in the ad-friendly 25-54 demo, those same repeats won out over Cooper with 224,000 (MSNBC) and 214,000 (HLN).

Cooper -- who became an overnight sensation during his Hurricane Katrina coverage -- surely deserves better ratings. From the start of 2009, he began losing a huge chunk of his nightly audience.

So what happened? Let's see: There's no presidential election to ramp up ratings; there's heavy competition from centrist CNN's noisier rivals (see: Fox News, the No. 1 cable news channel); there's people catching up on DVR-ed TV shows in the late evening; then there's the loss of Lou Dobbs in the 7 p.m. anchor chair, among other possible factors.

Work those blue eyes, Coop!

(Surprise, surprise, FOX NEWS is kicking some butt again! VN8)


Anonymous said...

People see stuff. From the climate lie to the stimulus lie to the "anchors" who are anything but objective:

"But wait, you're getting YOUR tax credit!"

Remember that one? Yeah, CNN's a wash and Cooper is now a poster child for Deceit Incorporated. I remember when CNN first showed their face. I think it was a week before they were dubbed the "Communist News Network". What a conglomeration of liberal wipes!

We had our comic relief as we watched CNN's coverage of Gulf I. Cooper has earned the legacy of taking CNN even farther down the socialist toilet ... by his own numbers! I wonder how he feels about that?

Pfffft. Liberals on parade. At least we see 'em for what they are nowadays. The conservative groundswell really has those knees jerking. Just look around at the other pseudo-intellectuals and their "blogs" ... LIBERALS HAVE NOTHING! Bitching, moaning, crying and complaining ... wait till their health care panacea falls on its ass ... there are some violent cases out there and it's gonna be fun watching them twitch.

Oh yeah...did I mention "Welcome back!!"

VoteNovember2008 said...

Winger, will you do me a favor? Tell us all how you really feel, please. Don't hold back, it's freeing to release all that pent up Conservative, Right Wing tension, don't lock it inside! LOL I've missed you guys more than I've missed being here! We are not alone and we will celebrate together when these pseudo-intellectuals cry themselves a river! Keep up the fight and keep the faith! VN8

Anonymous said...

VN8 I just got finished looking at comments containing yet more bitching, crying and complaining because ... I think you know the case. It boiled down to nothing more than instigation, which as we agreed recently, is all liberals have. It is why their health care panacea is unraveling before their eyes. None of these knee-jerker congressmen wants to go back home and get an earful from their constituency. Liberals know this, so now the instigation includes such things as class jealousy and greed. Very unbecoming the educated and elite set! The upside however is that it makes 'em really easy to identify. We're gonna have to do often this going forward. It is what happened to Mr. Cooper, as well as several others at CNN. Keep up the good fight my friend. You were missed terribly.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Winger, we have them on the run and with President Obama's ratings taking the same nose dive as Poor Anderson Cooper, it's obvious. I say turn up the heat, tighten down the lid and lets watch this baby blow! Class envy, I'll never understand it. Oh and by the way, just wanted to say for the record, I'm not insured with health insurance, don't want government insurance in any form and if anyone wants to punch me in the nose, I believe their are liberal trial attorneys who would take my case. What say you? VN8

VoteNovember2008 said...

Winger, PS, I'm so glad that Conservatives are mad as hell, we have had the Federal Government shoved so far down our throats they are coming out the other end and all the Preparation H in the world couldn't cure this case of hemorrhoids. Oh, I guess that's why the liberals think we need Government run health care! Stay mad, it's like burs under your saddle! What I think is really funny? Liberals haven't even seen mad yet, they just think they have. Keep up the fight! VN8

Anonymous said...

Cooper, and the rest of the liberal media is on its last leg, and they know it.

Lee said...

Yeah! Everything RWL said!

Y'all remember what it was like before FOX News? Rush was on the air, of course, but he was commentary and not hard news. We all just accepted whatever BS CNN and the big three legacy networks put out there. And now FOX's audience dwarfs those of everyone else combined. There's a reason for that - not that we could ever convince some of our lefty acquaintances.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the smart play is to continue to sort of "draw it out" of the MSM, as was done at the recent Tea Parties. Let them sort of "set up" the conversation, which exposes their bias. Refusing to speak to such bias seems to enrage them even more, which forces them to expose themselves even further.

VN8 - I could not resist the noze-punching thing. Being called hateful and bigoted by the very people who actually engaged in some VERY hateful, spiteful and somewhat bigoted acts themselves, was more than my two functioning brain cells could handle. I'm still trying to get them to mate (the brain cells, not the two hateful people) so I can have a 3rd functioning brain cell ... Not that I need it, but it would make it harder for me to be confused with a flaming liberal!

Sometimes, enhanced interrogation techniques are not required; people talk freely on their own. :-)

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