Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Republican Governor: The 80's were great and all, but . . .

Mitch Daniels is one brave son of a bitch. The Indiana governor, addressing a group of his fellow Republicans at a conference, made the heretical suggestion that it was "time to let Ronald Reagan go." Further challenging the orthodoxy of his party, Daniels suggested that, just maybe, it's better to "look towards the future rather than staying in the past," offering the rationale that the idolatrous veneration of a man who left office nearly 20 years ago "was fine," but might be holding the party back a bit.

The unreceptive crowd immediately fell upon the governor and beat him senseless, bending his body into the shape of the Laffer curve and placing him atop a bonfire constructed entirely from copies of David A. Stockman's The Triumph of Politics.

By Alex Balk 04/21/08 2:55 PM
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Lee said...

Another RINO in the making. Republicans will never idolize RR the way JFK is idolized by the Dems, but we would do well to remember how he succeeded: Establish your principles and, by God, stick to 'em. None of this moderate, bipartisian crap. Don't compromise yourself for a fawing NYT editorial, ala Hagel or McCain. Newt also did it in '94 by sticking to his guns.

Jim said...

If you guys keep labeling Republicans as RINOs and Reagan moderates as unacceptable, you're your never going to have a majority to win anything. You two both despise moderates, compromise or any sort of reaching across the isle for the common good. If everyone in this country is hell bent to the extreme left or extreme right, we're never going to accomplish anything and we will have a divided, bitter, hate filled nation. I really don't think that is what the majority of Americans want but maybe they do.

Lee said...

Why is it only Republicans are expected to reach across the aisle? Can you imagine Reid or Pelosi doing so? I'll say this for the Dems: They have always understood that politics is a full contact sport. The Republicans just don't get it. And if anyone is bitter, it is those on the left. The vitriol coming from Dems towards GWB is incredible. And GWB has reached across a few too many times for my taste.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Hey, Jim, I can appreciate your frustration, but without insulting you, I have taken a little offense at your comment, "You two both despise moderates." I'm going to write that off as your being a little hot under the collar. It just seemed a little strong in my opinion. As far as compromise is concerned I believe in compromise if it doesn't compromise my principals. I wouldn't expect you to compromise yours either. I don't consider myself to be an extremist and I'm certainly not hate filled.

I can laugh at myself and I can laugh at others, it doesn't matter what the party affiliation is. But what I have noticed from where I stand is that most democrats I have observed, despise Republicans and are very angry. What's that all about?

I have an account on Democratic Underground and I go there occasionally just to take a temperature of how they are feeling and I am amazed at how vile they are towards anyone who doesn't agree with them. It doesn't matter what your party affiliation is.

Try not to lose your sense of humor, don't listen to Rush and carry your banner proudly, don't compromise your beliefs, but please don't accuse me of not wanting anything good to happen to this country. We both love our country, there is no doubt about that, we just both see a different path on how we arrive at the destination.

I have a great deal of respect for your knowledge on a many topics and enjoy your blogs very much, but again, please don't paint me into a box, I deserve a little more respect than that.

Jim said...

Well sorry, it's just debate and opinion and not any attempt to offend. Perhaps I should have said you don't have much respect for moderates. But come on now, you both have indicated, to me, that you don't much care for moderates of either party. Lee said "none of this moderate, bipartisan crap" and he constantly points out that any moderate Republican I mention is a RINO (Republican In Name Only). You've made it clear that you don't particularly care for moderate viewpoints and have poked fun at me for claiming to be a moderate. I've heard you say that you despise a peacemaker. So, I don't think I'm out of line in suggesting that the two of you don't particularly care for moderate candidates and that's alright. We just have a different way of looking at the world. I prefer to find politicians that try to be bipartisan and you guys see that as a weakness. Now, as for Democratic Underground, I don't go to that site and don't have them even bookmarked. Why? They are to extreme to the far left just as Huffington Post is. Either one of us can go to the far left or far right websites or radio talk shows and read and hear vile remarks by the crazies of both sides. I'm not interested in either because they are divisive. And yes there are people on both sides that want nothing to do with the other side but that's not the politics I'm interested in. I want to find the people of both parties that want to work together to accomplish something. You shouldn't take offense every time I disagree with you because I don't take offense when you unload on my blog. It's just healthy debate and we clearly have different views on many things so there's lots to debate. Also, it's O.K. to agree once in a while. Hey and remember it's just one little Democrat (me) against all of you Republicans. LOL

VoteNovember2008 said...

OK, here goes:
1. I don't know Lee from Adams house cat, so maybe you shouldn't categorize us together. LOL

2. I'm still shaking my head about despising a peacemaker??? That really is off base. I just don't think you can make peace with a terrorist! You can't make peace with a bully in your neighborhood. So if you are unloading on me because I loathe Jimmy Carter, it's because he's a blow hard not because he's a peacemaker.

3. The word despise is so strong in my dictionary and I try to stay away from the negative.

I didn't dislike that you disagreed with me, it was the tone and the fact that you lumped me into a group. As long as you have known me, you should know I march to the beat of my own drum. I don't fit into much of any group and I'm just happy as punch about that. I am an individual.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything!

I prefer a candidate that says exactly what he thinks and doesn't base his opinions on what he thinks I want to hear. Someone whose fiscally conservative and has a spine! I don't want the world to fear us, but they do need to respect us!

If this post sounds disjointed, my landscaper came early this morning and is blowing leaves and mowing the lawn, emitting so much emission into the air that I'm sure I can actually spot a hole in the ozone over my house! Not to mention the pollen that he's stirring up!

But hey for 25.00, he's doing a heck of a job with gas prices soaring! I might even give him a tip!