Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's a long shot . . .

but I have a friend on FaceBook who asked me to pray for a friend who was brutally beaten! Please pray for Chuck Sandstrom and his wife Auburn. If you have a prayer list at your church, please add his name and his family. I'll keep you posted if I find out ANYTHING. I know it's a long shot but this is the guy they are looking for:

This is the article:

AKRON, Ohio -- Akron police are searching for a man suspected in a vicious attack on a Barberton community leader.

Chuck Sandstrom, 58, is the executive director of the Barberton Community Foundation and is also an Akron landlord.

On July 1, Sandstrom called a tow truck to have an unlicensed vehicle removed from a property on Grand Avenue. Investigators said Michael Ayers suddenly attacked Sandstrom and knocked him unconscious.

Sandstrom has been in a coma ever since.

"If you know him at all, it's impossible to think of hurting him, and so what's so difficult for me is I'm getting his clothes, they're covered in blood. I pick up his tooth. The violence, the brutality, is uncanny," said Sandstrom's wife, Auburn.

You could be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000 for information on Ayers.

Anyone with information should call Summit County Crime Stoppers at 330-434-COPS.

Additional info:

Rich Muller, Herald Staff Writer 16.JUL.09
Akron police are looking for the man accused of an assault that rendered unconscious Chuck Sandstrom, director of the Barberton Community Foundation, on July 1.

He was not in a fight. He was trying to reason with a volatile person, Auburn Sandstrom said of her husband.

It began when Sandstrom called that evening to have a car towed that had been parked for some time from outside the apartment building he owns on Grand Avenue in Akron. According to Akron police, the cars owner, Michael D. Ayers, 32, berated Sandstrom and the tow truck driver before leaving in another vehicle.

The police left as the tow truck driver was hooking the car up, but returned when the driver called to say Ayers had come back. He was gone again when police returned, so they left again and the car, a 1994 gray Ford Taurus, was towed. Ayers returned a third time and hit Sandstrom, knocking him to the ground, police said.

Sandstrom has been transferred to an acute care facility, but remained unconscious as of the Heralds deadline. Auburn is optimistic and has been told the signs are good. How long that recovery takes remains to be seen.

He is a feisty son of a gun and made a life out of beating the odds, she said.

The Sandstroms have not been married long and Auburn was in the process of moving from Findlay to her husbands house in Barberton. She has a son and he has two daughters and a son.

What gives her comfort now, in addition to her husbands children being there, is spending time at the apartment building where the assault happened.

It mattered to me to talk to the neighbors, to clean up and make it safe for the tenants, Auburn said. Those are things that Chuck would have been doing and it gives me so comfort.

Sandstrom is a member of the Magic City Kiwanis and the Barberton Rotary and members of those organizations have been helping out the Sandstrom family with food. Others have been stepping up to help such as Eberhardt Landscaping mowing the lawn.


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Wiil be praying for.

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I am sorry about your friend and will pray for both of them.