Sunday, July 13, 2008

ABC News in the tank for Obama!

Does ABC Skew the News in Favor of Obama?


ABC is alleged to have skewed the news in favor of Barack Obama. This is the original site I found this story on.

If the story is true, that would mean that 90% of our troups, interviewed in Iraq, support John McCain. It is claimed that the story is entirely false. However it be comes clear that althought each an every detail of the story may never be proved as factual, the point of the story is that the news is often twisted or slanted by the media.

Snopes has not yet determined that this story is false. Included on this page is a reponse from Martha Radditz.

Here you can view the original news segment. It became clear to me, that Martha intended to show that, even after hearing a speech by Dick Cheney, many of our troups still supported Obama and Clinton. Though she states that "some supported John McCain", she chose not to show one soldier saying his name.


Lee said...

Judging from my experience (active duty Army 1978-2000 and eight more years in DC around military folks), I believe most lean Republican. The Army, having the highest density of minority members, tracks a bit more Democrat though still majority Republican. Contrary to popular belief, service members are not at all monolithic in political and social thought. Young soldiers tend to be (again, my belief only) more politically aware than their civilian counterparts because of the nature of the business. Anyway, ABC and most other mainstream media are solidly liberal and not too well thought of among the military.

VoteNovember2008 said...

I hear that! I had some errands to run yesterday and a I was in a parking lot when I saw a soldier in uniform get out of his vehicle. I waved to him and then I thought, I need to speak to him. I followed him to the parking lot and rolled down the window and said, I'm not stalking you, but I wanted to thank you for your service and asked him to be safe. I could tell he was taken back, but after a few seconds he thanked me. I watched him as he walked into the store and he seemed to walk a little more straight and with a bounce in his step. As for ABC News, I'm thinking "A Busy Communist". I know Jim will love that since he has accused me of being a fascist! LOL

Lee I wasn't aware of your service to this country and I want to extend my thanks to you, I'm sure you have seen plenty. I'd love to hear you blog about some of your experiences!

Take care, VN8