Saturday, August 23, 2008

Senator Joe Biden on his running mate and Senator John McCain!

This is brilliant!


Jim said...

But now he says, "I must tell you, frankly, I've been disappointed in my friend, John McCain, who gave in to the right wing of his party and yielded to the very swiftboat politics that he so -- once so deplored. And folks, campaigns for presidents are a test of character and leadership. And in this campaign, one candidate, one candidate has passed that test." Barack Obama.

I suspect that John McCain is going to select Mitt Romney as his running mate. The two of them hate each other's guts and there are so many great clips from the Republican debates between the two of them that I just can't wait to share.

VoteNovember2008 said...

So much for "gravitas"!

I would expect Senator Biden to flip/flop on his previous statements, just as Senator McCain who stated in a news program where he appeared alongside Senator Clinton where he stated that she would make a good President.

President Clinton apparently didn't care for VP Gore, so I don't think much of your observation on Senator McCain and Gov. Romney. Just remember what they always say, the person who laughs last, laughs the best and the loudest.

I'm sure the pairing of McCain and Romney wouldn't be the first in history and will not be the last. VN8

Jim said...

The Clintons and Gores were very compatible and liked each other early on. The crisscrossed the country on the same bus. But, the relationship became strained toward the end. Gore was angry at Clinton because he thought his shenanigans hurt his chances to become president. A better analogy would be Kennedy and Johnson, who didn't like each other one bit. Another would be Reagan and Bush. Reagan really did not want to pick Bush but did in the end because it made the ticket stronger.

Conservative Scalawag said...

Oh Joe, this going to be rich, wonder how long before the opens his mouth and inserts his foot. Opps, Obama-American, well that didn't take long.