Monday, April 6, 2009

Tea Party Coalition Show: COUNTDOWN to Tax Day

The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition is group of organizations trying to facilitate and promote the Tax Day Tea Party events. It consists of American Solutions, Don't Go Movement, Smart Girl Politics (SGP), and Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT).

Starting Monday - PJTV will be hosting a daily (weekday) show of the Coalition - "countdown to tax day" until April 15th.

PJTV will be have a pre-coalition show at 6:30 Eastern and 3:30 Pacific covering other aspects of Tea Parties and the awakening of America.

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Jim said...

Alright VN8 if you're going tea dancing I want you to go all out so that you can get on TV. You gotta act a little crazy and misspell some words on your sign. LOL