Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown WINS, Scott Brown WINS, Scott Brown WINS!


Happy Days Are Here AGAIN! Must have been "W's" Fault!

Scott Brown roars to Senate upset win!


Anonymous said...

Let the knee-jerking begin!!

Heh - this is great news for the movement, and unfortunately bad news for the socialists.

Now watch as the lib'rals begin with a huge bitch, moan and complain session (abbrev. BMC), which of course will garner huge media attention. Then we'll watch as an embarrassed Coakley goes to court and files her lawsuit that she threatened, crying foul or some such bullshirt. Oh yeah....that's another lib'ral trademark ... when we don't get our way, we'll just takeya to court. Yah, lemmie know how that works out for you. The important thing about the forthcoming lib'ral cryfest is that we the people will be watching ... in living color!

And for your anonymous buddy there in God's country ... take a hike, Buzz. We don't WANT your socialism. Or your girlfriend's for that matter. LOL


Internet is a wonderful thing!
God bless, VN8! Keep up the good work my friend.

Sorry for blog-hog, but this came to mind, regarding the "nuclear option" the lib'rals threatened. Just remember that "nuclear" spelled sideways is "unclear".

VoteNovember2008 said...

Winger, Keep up the FIGHT, Keep the FAITH. God reigns supreme. We have yet begun to fight!

The lib'rals are falling all over themselves, they don't know which end is up. We've got em on the run!

Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, can you HEAR us now?

Tea Party Patriots rule! Let the REVOLUTION begin!

Viva La Revolution!

Lee said...

There is some speculation that Boxer may follow Dodd's example and decline to run again as her opponent is gaining traction. It was said last week by Charles Krauthammer (I believe) that Dodd saved his senate seat for the Dems by dropping out as he would have been defeated.

They're on the defensive, to be sure. It'll be interesting to see how BO spins the Massachusetts race.

Anonymous said...

As Brown stated, it is the Peoples seat.

And I am sure the libs are regretting changing the Constitution by ratifying the 17th Amendment back in 1913.

Anonymous said...

Obummer will find a way to blame George W.Bush for the loss.

Anonymous said...

I'm back and I'm beautiful! (Firesign Theater(?)) ... but I sure hope Lee is right.