Friday, February 19, 2010

Socialist in the White House?

Fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Just wanted to share something that I found from another great blogger. Please check out Maggie's Notebook! Give her a warm welcome.

Maggie found this information on Say Anything Blog.

If the titles are not clear in your browser, they are, left to right:

Democracy and the Organization of Political Parties, Vols. I and II by M. Ostrogorski (UK politics)
U.S. Senators and Their World by Donald R. Matthews
The Populist Moment by Lawrence Goodwyn
The Populist Revolt by Donald Hicks
The Socialist Party of America, by John McBrewster, F.P. Miller and Agnes F. Vandome
The American Socialist Movement 1897-1912 by Ira Kipnis
The Social Basis of American Government by Nathan Glazer
The Invention of the American Political Parties by Roy F. Nichols

Mao ornament on Obama's White House Christmas Tree

(Thank you Maggie, may we continue to have the courage to reveal Truth, without fear of reprisal, one revelation at a time! VN8)


Steve said...

The same books were on that shelf when Bush and Cheney were there. I guess they are commies also? Try doing a little research and telling the truth. You'll feel better about yourself. God loves you even if you do lie.

Anonymous said...

Surprised he doesn't have the Communist Manifasto up there too. Perhaps it is on the nightstand.