Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What do you see?

Just curious, when you look at the aftermath of all of the snowmageddon on the east coast, what do you see? OK, if you guessed SNOW, you are close. But what does an entrepreneur see? What does an unemployed entrepreneur see? I'll tell you exactly what they see.

They see sidewalks that need to be cleared, driveways that need to be cleared, cars that need to be dug out. I see JOBS! Probably CASH jobs. So if you are unemployed, living in those areas that have been hit with the record setting snowfall or if you are unemployed and can get to the areas with the record setting snowfall, grab a shovel, knock on some doors, ring some door bells, visit some businesses that need sidewalks cleared in front of their businesses and look at the silver lining of the storm.

In my opinion, that is the difference between a conservative and a liberal. A conservative looks at a situation that may appear to be an obstacle and they try to figure out how to overcome the obstacle. A liberal looks at a situation that may appear to be an obstacle and says, what is the government going to do to save me?

This Snowmageddon is no different than the economic situation we are currently experiencing, we need to band together, jump into the fray and determine how we are going to overcome the economic storm we are in. We are up to our eyeballs and in a mess that appears impossible, but we can dig out one shovel at a time. It's not going to be pretty, but in the infamous words of Martin Luther King, WE SHALL OVERCOME!

Yeah, I said it and you are entitled to my opinion! VN8


Anonymous said...

Once again, my friend, you've nailed it! It is a difference in perspective! The conservative is more than happy to exchange some sweat and a bit of elbow grease for cash. If they're good at it, they can get a LOT of cash. Lib'ral thought however is "How can I get me some of that cash for someone ELSE's sweat and elbow grease?"

That's where we have 'em now. Their agenda has been clearly defined and people don't particularly like lib'rals cheating the system and constantly being rewarded for it. So, cause-and-effect, we have the Tea Parties, and a lot of people who no longer want the lib'ral wash getting a free ride on the backs of those of us doing the sweating, and applying the elbow grease.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Winger, we have trained several generations that they can't possibly do anything for themselves, the NEED the government to do it for them. It's nauseating, completely nauseating and the phrase, "I mad as hell and I'm not taking it any more" has even more meaning the deeper we get into this revolution. Sweat and elbow grease? There are people out there that don't know anything about getting dirty any longer. Be well, keep the faith, keep up the fight! VN8

Anonymous said...

Yeah, on the ride home yesterday everybody on I75 northbound was freaking out.

I got off as soon as possible and took back roads home to Kennesaw.

As to the cold snap - Al Gore call your office - cause the American people want to talk to you about this global warning thing again.