Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do you know who you are and what you believe?

Take the "World's Smallest Political Quiz" here. Come back and comment, let me know how you do!

I almost fell of the corner of the Libertarian chart! Not a shock to those who know me well.

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Lee said...

I was below and to the right of you in the Libertarian block. I wonder where our answers differed.

Normally, I would have agreed with the no restrictions on sex for consenting adults but that could get into all sorts of prostitution and polygamy issues. The drug issue is tough one also. I answered maybe for both. As for lowering government spending, I know that with our defense needs we'll never lower it by 50% but without some entitlements and cutting out the BS, I bet it could be lowered 10 to 15% within a year and we'd be better off for it.