Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where's Waldo? I mean Al Gore!

The Sky is FALLING!

I've been wondering about where Al Gore is for months! Vote November 2008 solves this mystery!

Business and Media Institute provided me with the details. Al Gore is, (drum roll please), he's on a conference call! No location was given!

Gore, the self-anointed climate change alarmist-in-chief, told supporters on a March 15 conference call that severe weather in certain regions of the country could be attributed to carbon in the atmosphere – including the recent rash of rainy weather.

There is an audio to the conference call but I could not get it to embed. Listen to the link here.

One would suppose that there is a clue to be found here. With all the talk about "rain", maybe we should start searching for him in the rain forest!

Will someone find Chicken Little and tell him the sky is falling! It is coming in the form of rain and if you are from one of the areas that have been suffering from drought, bring it on, we need it! Yeah, I said it and you are entitled to my opinion! VN8


Anonymous said...

Hopefully Waldo(Gore)will stay lost.A good way to cut back the globull warming lies.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Al, for he is a useless idiot. If there is a cause of global warming, you are it. Between your mansion,jets,and yacht is enough to blame. Then there is the hot air of lies you spew.

Lee said...

Just ten short years ago, could anyone have imagined that Gore would be well down the road to becoming a billionaire off of his global warming schtick? Keep your eye on cap and tax for it, like Obamacare, is another method of controlling everything you do.