Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Social Network? Is that Code Mr. Vice President?

I guess I could say I'm in shock over the fact that the health care fill passed, but that wouldn't really be true. We knew in November of 2008 that we were on a slippery slope towards more socialism. Today I watched the "historic" signing of the health care bill and I kept a trash pail close by just in case I had to vomit. It was close a couple of times but I kept telling myself to breathe. I listened to our Vice President thank Mr. President profusely for placing the final girder in the "social network", whatever that means. I suppose it is code for more socialism!

Not a single Republican in the room? That is what the press is reporting. I'm sure that our Republican leaders were in the infirmary awaiting their government run health care for their own nausea. Will someone tell me how it is that DemocRATS, knowing that most Americans were opposed to this Bill, could stand in a room and gloat over what "they" had accomplished?

Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, Congresswoman Pelosi, Senator Reid, we have yet begun to fight. The room chanted, "Fired up, ready to go"? Well let me state unequivocally, American Patriots are also fired up and ready to go. We are ready to go to the polls, we are ready to take it to the streets. Your precious Bill was like gasoline on a fire. It is time for states to take their rights back and take them back NOW!

Where were you when FREEDOM died? This is a call to action, if you have never been an activist, this is your wake up call! We need every American Patriot who believes that the Federal Government is out of control to stand up, take a stand and let your voices be heard!

God Bless America, land that I love!


Teresa said...

It irks me how the Democrats are proud of their ignorance in how they replaced the peoples' will with their will. Republicans fought hard against this travesty and for that I am grateful. We the people will rise up and vote the bums out in November.

God Bless America!!

VoteNovember2008 said...

Amen Teresa! May God shine his mercy upon our Nation forgiving us of our complacency. VN8

Lee said...

I'm a pessimist by nature so it seems logical to me that this would sooner or later come to pass. Liberals co-opted the term "progressive" for themselves and they do indeed work for progress toward some unobtainable Utopian goal. As a matter of argument, they can claim they have the high ground for who can be against health care? Right? The liberty we love and recognize as essential means nothing to them. Their argument is that we enjoy more liberty when we no longer must concern ourselves with such pesky matters as health care.

Like you, I am sickened and distressed. While we may entertain arguments from libs in favor of nationalizing medicine, it amazes me that they are jubilant after the methods used to strong-arm their way into this. Never has such corruption been on display. Alcee Hastings said it best when he said "All this talk about rules - we make 'em up as we go along." He is the poster child for the modern Democratic Party: an impeached federal judge and convicted felon elected to Congress. Good grief.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Lee, mega dittos on all that you said but your final comment struck me. As you know I've been through quite a bit of personal "grief" lately, what is good about it? Never really thought about it before, I mean I know it's part of life and we learn from it and I know that when we are grieving we are closer to God that any other time probably, so I suppose I just answered my own question.

Anything worth keeping is worth fighting for, that is why we are going to continue to fight for FREEDOM! Keep the Faith and keep up the fight! VN8