Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sounds like everybody was under President Clinton, that's an ugly thought! LOL VN8


Jim said...

That's the same prick that was praying for rain at the Democratic National Convention isn't it?

Lee said...

Nice choice of names, Jim. Yes, that's him. Funny how you take such offense to that but never comment on the vitriol from the left.

VoteNovember2008 said...

I think the video is hysterical! It's spot on! VN8

Anonymous said...

Lee ... you are closer to Jim than I, so you can speak for me. It is a very emo thing to get fired up about what side A is doing to side B and vice-versa. As long as it is tolerated on both sides, there remains dialog. But it seems that when the crap flows from the left it's usually "LOL we won!" Not quite the same when the muff is on the other ear.

Oh well. "Grace before those..."

That rain came a little late, but my umbrella is open.

Jim said...

Oh don't get all in a wad over me calling this guy a prick you guys. I think this guy would probably love a Democrat calling him a prick. Lee and Solie don't you remember me calling out the Democratic pricks who laughed about two hurricanes disrupting the RNC.

Solie for the record, I don't think that Lee and I have ever met. If we did, I was a child and don't remember it. He was a high school classmate with my sister. Lee and I have been doing the blog thing, however, since 2004 so we know each other from our online dialogue. Hopefully I will meet him one of these days when he's visiting family in Alabama. It's always nice to meet online folks face to face and I'm sure I would enjoy meeting Lee in person, just as I did meeting you and VN8.

Anonymous said...

Jim it's all good my friend. I figure Lee can get away with calling you on stuff better than I can ... and he does a much better job at it.

And I do remember us talking about the RNC vs. hurricane stuff. Did you really call them pricks? heheh

Seriously however, it's the rain we're getting right now that we oughtta worry about. And I ain't talking weather.