Thursday, February 12, 2009

Senator Schumer is out of touch!

(OK, you may think we don't care but we actually do! Talk about being out of touch. You need your very own "pink sleep"! VN8)


Lee said...

I saw this also and was stunned that he'd say this on record. Well, he's right to a degree. Most Democrats don't care so long as the pork is coming their way.

Just in the past ten days we've had this from Schumer, Stabenow and Harkin have gone on record advocating the Fairness Doctrine, and Leahy (Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee) advocated a truth commission in a Georgetown U speech and on the Rachel Maddow show Tuesday night! That doesn't include Conyers and Waxman from the House. Let's hope they try some of this...there will be no turning back. It's in their nature and they want to do it all so much they can hardly stand it. And they don't need BO's blessing.

Jim said...

Babe says that "Pork is a nice sweet meat."

Anonymous said...

Everything that can be done on talk AM can be done using internet bandwidth. Dems can't even figure out how to tax e-mail yet. It'll be eons before they figure out how to apply the FD to a "neutral internet".

Jim said...

OM1C You have to admit that we figured out how to use the internet to raise a billion dollars to buy and election didn't we? :-)

Lee said...
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Lee said...

Jim, there's more than a little truth to that. I don't fault BO for going private. As I've said before, that was his prerogative even though he agreed with McCain to a publicly financed campaign. McCain sealed his own fate on the subject. We should all have an issue with how BO raised the final $150 mil. No Republican would ever have been allowed to do that. After BO, the Dems can no longer cry foul about GOP tactics.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I hadn't thought about that ;)

But I'm glad you said it first! Using the web is the easy part. Taxing the crap out of users to fill potholes is the tough part.

(I'm trying to get "filling potholes" to become the generally-accepted anecdote for the overall stimulus package.)

People will just stream Rush to their ipods and go about their business. AM radios will go up to the attic! :)

I think Lee is right and they'll try it (the FD) ... but the results won't be what the lefties expected.