Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama and UBS a Bad Mi

It is no secret that UBS is one of the top contributors to the Obama Campaign donating a whopping $505, 017 to his presidential campaign.

How strange that they were allowed to settle a tax evasion case with another big $780 mn buy off to the US , when we have ex- athletes, ex- entertainers, and "every day" not so famous Americans s facing 5 years in jail or more for committing the same crime for far less money, who were not given the chance to settle their debt. They are calling their payment a settlement for the 3,800 times they came to the US to assist the very Americans they are now turning in to the US government for handling offshore accounts.

So, I guess because UBS has more money to offer the IRS, than the sum total of their American clients. So they will make a list and name names to hang them out to dry to save themselves.

They flow of news proves that they are getting off pretty easy. I guess it pays to be one of the top contibutors to a Presidential campaign.


Jim said...

Well it's a Swiss Owned bank so I'm not sure how you would go about arresting the people at the top of the foreign owned institution that allowed it to happen. Maybe we could arrest Phil Gramm. He was an executive with the U.S. operations of UBS starting in 2002 until 2008 when he became the top economic adviser for the Republican presidential nominee. I'm happy to have the $780 million!

Lee said...

Wrong, Jim. Gramm was an advisor and lobbyist (perhaps worse in your view). He was not an operational exec for UBS. I know you loathe him, but dishonest he is not. I note you used the word "arrest", so should we arrest Robert Rubin also? Rubin was an ops executive. Both may have earned some scorn, but they aren't criminals.

Anonymous said...

I'd arrest Rubin first. It's always been boiling down to this: To defend criminal behavior on the part of a lefty, their supporters always reach for the first "target of opportunity" regardless whether that target is actually a criminal. If the media hates them, why, they MUST be criminals, right? That is the best ammunition rational thinkers have. Simply look at the content of the argument and you can see the obvious disparity. We say things like election fraud and dubious associations and they say, "Well, Rush is a dope fiend!"
It's ludicrous and it's apples and oranges. Be patient. Eyes will be opened in the coming years ... but the big-assed bill ain't going away, that's for sure. If the huge debt would go away when BO does, we'd be in high cotton.

Lee said...

Good observation, OM1C. Have you noted the how the left attempts to criminalize policy differences? Recall Iran-Contra? And now the call for war crimes "investigations." Also note that BO hasn't closed Gitmo and is continuing most of his predecessor's policies. A surge in Afghanistan? Hey, I'm all for it, but Jim certainly didn't vote for BO to get that! Where, oh, where are the howls of outrage?

Jim said...

Phil Gramm was Vice-Chairman of UBS AG. It is true that his responsibilities called for him to serve as lobbyist and adviser but he definitely held the title of Vice-Chairman.

Jim said...

Lee President Obama said repeatedly during the campaign that he would increase the troops in Afghanistan. Now he is fulfilling that promise.

VN8 you lectured Sue and I on more than one occasion for not properly addressing the president and former presidents of the United States with their proper title. i.e. President George W. Bush. Have you relaxed the rules for your fellow Republicans? LOL

i.e. BO has a keen sense of humor just as RR did. LOL