Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Keith Olberman finds religion!

Link: MSNBCer Says "Oh God" Before Jindal Reponse


Anonymous said...

Baby steps, VN8. Wingers have a long way to go on this topic, and it only worsens their situation.

You and I know the proper term is "Jesus is Lord", but that's as foreign to this guy as Japanese!

Everyone will have to say it sooner or later ... why not just avoid the middleman and confess it now!

Jim said...

Now what would really be funny is if we could know what Hannity or Rush mumbled as Obama stepped up to address a joint session of congress. I know, I know, they were smart enough not to get caught on an open mic but it's still fun to imagine what they might have been thinking or mumbling. LOL

Word Verification: "extra"

Jim said...

When I heard the clip, it sounded like Chris Matthews to me and in fact it was Chris.

Anonymous said...

Both Limbaugh and Hannity would say the same thing on an open mic during their show(s). The venue is different and the Hi-Brows were caught abandoning any sense of objectivity, and they got their stinger bent. "Explaining" the remark only makes their situation worse. Opening one's mouth to correct for a time when he shouldn't have opened his mouth doesn't make much sense.