Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Florida is all he cares about!

At 2:35 minutes, RINO Gov. Charlie Crist sized it all up for me. Let me see, you have a lottery in Florida, no state income tax, you've slashed property tax and you want federal tax dollars paid by 49 other states in the Union? Oh, I see, Florida is all you care about? If that's the case, then I think you need to find some Porkulus somewhere else! This appearance in Florida reminded me of Peter kissing Jesus. I believe it seals his fate with the Republican Party, at least I hope it does.

And to you Floridians out there, did he ever get married? I now there was an engagement when he thought he might be picked as a VP candidate, but did he ever tie the knot? Just curious.


Jim said...

The Governor was happily married to the beautiful Carole Rome in a December ceremony. I believe it is his second marriage. Since Florida is the fourth largest state and has over 18 million residents paying federal income taxes (different from state income tax), it would make him look pretty stupid to not take their fair share of the stimulus package. If any governor turns down the money, it means the residents of that state are shipping their federal tax dollars off to create jobs in other states, while refusing to take their fair share. California Gov. Schwarzenegger said on Sunday, "Gov. Sanford (South Carolina) says that he does not want to take the money . . . and I want to say to him: I'll take it. I'm more than happy to take his money or any other governor in this country that doesn't want to take this money." And if Sonny Perdue of Georgia ships our fair share off to California, he's a damn fool.

VoteNovember2008 said...

As always you are welcome to your opinion, I just don't share the same opinion. I believe that as a federal tax payer that I'm not "shipping my money off" to create jobs, I've been robbed of my hard earned dollars at the point of a gun by a group of overeducated people who believe they know better than myself what needs to be done with my money. I personally believe know what is best to be done with my hard earned money, but then again I've been accused recently of being provencial/unsophisticated. I'm still finding a great deal of humor when I think about it. It was hysterical.

What are you doing for lent? VN8

Jim said...

I've got no complaint with anyone that opposes the bill. But now that the debate is over and the bill has passed, I'd hate to see our share of tax dollars in the bill go out to California rather than come home to Georgia. I'd rather have a new bridge in Georgia than to pay for one in Massachusetts. That's just my opinion.

Hey don't pay any attention to anyone calling you unsophisticated VN8. I think you're plenty sophisticated! Heck some of the Republicans suggested that my posts and comments weren't very intellectual but that's alright and doesn't bother me. They might not think either of us is very bright but just cause we're from Georgia doesn't mean we don't know what's going on! LOL

I've got to decide what to give up for Lent. Maybe I'll give up being polite. LOL

VoteNovember2008 said...

I'd rather California legalize marijuana and place a tax on the sales and use and bail themselves out without Federal dollars. That's just my opinion. VN8