Saturday, November 1, 2008

Harlem Voters, Enough Said!

America, these are the people who are supporting and voting for Senator Barack Obama! You gotta love Howard Stern! These people are complete idiots. For the politically correct in the crowd, please continue reading here.

In several states, "idiots" do not have the right to vote:

* Arkansas Article III, Section 5
* Iowa Article II, section 5
* Kentucky Section 145
* Mississippi Article 12, Section 241
* New Mexico Article VII, section 1
* Ohio (Article V, Section 6)


Anonymous said...

VN8, I looked at your title I thought it said: "Harlem Voters, Enough Sold!" - which wouldn't have surprised me.

Are you sure you didn't misspell anything? hehe - thanks for a great post!

Lee said...

I heard this a few days ago. God help us.

VoteNovember2008 said...

OM1C, LOL. That's about all I better say on that topic or I'm going to be investigated by the FBI, or the ACLU or the NAACP or any other group of alphabet soup groups! LOL VN8

VoteNovember2008 said...

Lee, absolutely, God and OM1C are our only hope at this point! LOL Or so the liberals would have us believe! Ever notice how quiet it gets with the liberal camp when you post something about the black sheep in their family of common good? (No racial pun intended for those PC people out there) It's amazing. I guess they don't claim their village idiots and you know it takes a village to raise them all and they are so big on their "families!" VN8

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh. "It takes a village" ... Hillary Dillary Doc on an old African proverb, wasn't it? Nevermind. Don't get me started, heh.

It takes two devoted parents. One male the other female. It takes fear of, love for, and obedience to God. It takes countrymen and women who believe the same thing. THAT's what it takes to raise a child. So do me a favor, Hillary. Take your lead-paint based inner city anarchy and pack it! YOU can't fix it, don't expect us to.

Hey, this makes me sort of a "self-starter" heh