Saturday, November 1, 2008

This IS Ridiculous!

Eighth-Grade Boy Sent Home From School for Jesus Christ Halloween Costume

Dressing up as Jesus Christ for Halloween turned out to be a problem for a northern New Jersey boy.

Alex Woinski, an eighth-grader at West Brook Middle School in Paramus, was sent home from school on Friday because of his costume.

Alex, who has shoulder-length brown hair, wore a white robe, a red sash, sandals, a fake beard and a crown of thorns.

His mother says Alex was told he could keep the costume on if he removed the beard and crown of thorns, but he declined.

Superintendent James Montesano says the district doesn't want students wearing costumes that could be distracting.

Alex's mother is Catholic, and his father is Jewish.

He recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and is studying Bible scripture, according to his mom.

(OK, this IS ridiculous, children are wearing costumes to school for Halloween and the school superintendent doesn't want students wearing a costume that is distracting. OK, maybe I'm being a little unreasonable here, but does anyone besides me believe that ANY Halloween costume would be distracting? Come on, anytime anyone wears something "out of the ordinary" to school, it's going to be distracting! I guess if the young man had dressed as Satan, that would have been normal and wouldn't have been distracting? What is this world coming too? No, please don't answer that, it was rhetorical, I know and I don't want to face it. I have my head in the sand and am just fine where I am, I may be suffocating, but I'll just have to face the consequences! Leave me in peace, don't try to save me! Jesus is so pleased to know that he is distracting! VN8)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, if he was dressed as satan, all would be well. Good news is, that if he dressed as osama bin laden, they'd prolly send him home, too. Liberals ain't got THAT much control yet!

Anonymous said...


VoteNovember2008 said...

What I thought about this after I posted it is that if he had dressed as a woman (that should have been very distracting) they probably wouldn't have sent him home either! LOL Where was the anti-defamation league? VN8

VoteNovember2008 said...

Jinxie, AMEN and AMEN again! VN8

Cris Cohen said...

It's a shame. If nothing else, it could have made for some great headlines in the school newspaper. "Jesus conducts Communion in the cafeteria with Mountain Dew and Tuna Melt."

VoteNovember2008 said...

Now Cris, that was funny! I can't get that visual out of my mind! LOL Thanks so much for stopping by, look forward to more of your comments! VN8