Thursday, November 13, 2008

Housin' is a Human Right

Requiem for a New Orleans neighborhood three years after Hurricane Katrina, HUD makes a controversial decision to tear down the B. W. Cooper Apartments.

Recently I've been hearing and reading that the attitude that the government is the answer to all our problems isn't mainstream. Well I beg to differ. I believe that there is a majority of Americans that have come to depend on the Federal Government for everything except the air that they breathe. OK, it's real simple:

You and you alone are responsible for your destiny. (If you face a mountain of adversity and you can't climb over it, find away around it.

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Anonymous said...

This is the class of people they're breeding now. The "will-nots" ... those who know that the liberals will build them a big government panacea to provide them with not only basic needs, but all their wants as well. Trouble is, as this class grows, the number of those paying in shrinks. At some point, the great panacea will be too expensive, or those left with jobs will be paying 70% of their income to the government - on top of a consumption tax. Forcing even more people to just throw up their hands and scream "Government! Help us!"