Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lohan refers to Obama as 'first colored president'

NEW YORK (AP) — Lindsay Lohan referred to President-elect Barack Obama as the country's "first colored president" in an interview on "Access Hollywood." Describing her experience on Election Day, Lohan said: "It was really exciting. It's an amazing feeling. It's our first colored president."

A spokeswoman for Lohan didn't immediately return messages left Wednesday.

Interviewer Maria Menounos didn't question the 22-year-old actress on her use of the term. "Access Hollywood" also didn't cite her remark in its online story, but did post an "extended interview" video on its Web site that included the remark.

A spokesman for the syndicated entertainment news program said in a statement Wednesday: "We believe the word in question that Ms. Lohan used was unintelligible."

Lohan blogged about her support of Obama during the presidential campaign.

(Lindsay's out fit in this photo is as colorful as her statement! LOL VN8)

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Angie ^i^ said...

What happened to that cute little girl who starred in the remake of The Parent Trap?