Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ayn Rand Interviewed by Mike Wallace

If you only watch one of these video clips, this is the meat of "Atlas Shrugged". Ayn Rand was a woman ahead of her times! In this interview with Mike Wallace, Ms. Rand tells it like it is!

(Ayn Rand: "Aristotle is the Father of logic." This woman was brilliant! Please visit the Ayn Rand Institute if you are inclined to learn more about Ayn Rand. VN8)


Lee said...

Wow! This was a half hour well-spent. She nailed true human nature, dead-on. What little I know of Rand as a person centers around the fact she was a strange old bird, but perhaps the clearest thinker of her time, perhaps that America has ever had. She recognized and verbalized in the first clip what our founding fathers knew - that a man's (the term is not gender specific) self interest is his highest calling and that the belief that we should live for each other is just not human nature. That we are best served by unforced "welfare", IOW, we make our own choices about charity toward others. That the state should never tell us we are our brother's keeper - we make the choice on our own. That we are ill-served by compulsory state sponsored health care, social security, etc. That it is the individual upon which this country becomes great, not the collective.

And now we're on the brink of national health care and outlawing the secret ballot in union votes. What would Rand have said?

VoteNovember2008 said...

One can never speak for someone else, but my best guess would be that we are going to hell in a handbasket! I love Ayn Rand and when I located these videos on YouTube it was a treasure! God he'll all of us! Keep the faith, never lose hope that all is lost! VN8

Anonymous said...

Amen God has it all under control.
We need to keep the faith.