Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big Brother IS Watching!

Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license?
Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Privacy advocates are issuing warnings about a new radio chip plan that ultimately could provide electronic identification for every adult in the U.S. and allow agents to compile attendance lists at anti-government rallies simply by walking through the assembly.

The proposal, which has earned the support of Janet Napolitano, the newly chosen chief of the Department of Homeland Security, would embed radio chips in driver's licenses, or "enhanced driver's licenses."

"Enhanced driver's licenses give confidence that the person holding the card is the person who is supposed to be holding the card, and it's less elaborate than REAL ID," Napolitano said in a Washington Times report.

REAL ID is a plan for a federal identification system standardized across the nation that so alarmed governors many states have adopted formal plans to oppose it. However, a privacy advocate today told WND that the EDLs are many times worse.

(Yep, I have a healthy sense of paranoia, especially after, right here on one of my blog posts, I was labeled as possibly being one of the "nuts" at a "tea party" demonstration opposing President Obama's Porkulus plan. No one has the right to track me or anyone else. VN8)


Jim said...

Now VN8 you know I was kidding about you being with those nuts. I know you have better sense than to stand in the pouring rain and scream about tea down at the state capitol. LOL

VoteNovember2008 said...

Jim, where you are wrong is I would love to be right there in the thick of it! I don't think they are nuts and you apparently do! I believe these people believe passionately, as I do, that we have got to get off our laurels and make a stand for freedom and liberty! VN8