Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Boogey Man Is Out There!

OK, the Great One, our current President and the leading democrats are probably getting what they asked for. Don't waterboard, it's torture, close down Guantanamo, release the prisoners, question every move of the CIA, next thing you know the Department of Justice will be investigating themselves, but let me just say this, the boogey man is out there! If you don't believe me, read it for yourselves! The Islamofascist are out there and they either want you to convert or they want to destroy you at all cost. They are converting from within, specifically within our prison system.

Illinois man charged in plot to bomb federal offices.

Man arrested in alleged attempt to bomb Dallas skyscraper.

U.S. terror suspects accused of targeting Marine base.

On Wednesday, a SEPTA cashier told officers about a man taking pictures at the Lombard-South station, but the man, after being questioned by the cashier about his activities, left before officers arrived.

Now I don't know about you, but personally, I say let's get them before they get us. I don't think the terrorists want to sit down and talk about options and even if they did, the only options we should have to offer them is a one way trip to hell! I say let's all have the intestinal fortitude that Benjamin Netanyahu had when he addressed the United Nations and tell these crazy bastards where to get off.

Oh the liberal press is loving all the cozying up to Chavez (Larry "the" King) interviewed him tonight, I almost puked and then let's don't forget Ahmadinejad or yesterday Momar Kadafi! What is it with this love of these dictators and despots?! We saw it when the terrorist Yasser Arafat died, I thought the MSM was going to fall all over themselves and let's not forget President Jimmy Carter's reaction. (May we never forget the Israeli athletes of the 1972 Olympic Games!)

Let me be clear, I haven't blogged in almost two weeks and this is going to be rambling rant, if it walks like a terrorist and it smells like a terrorist and it looks like a terrorist and it talks like a terrorist, it's probably a freaking terrorist! Oh, Vice President Biden was correct about one thing, President Obama is going to be tested alright! The terrorist are setting it all up, we've weakened our internal intelligence and we are ripe for the picking. We are being seen all over the world as weak and when you lily white liberals see what I hope doesn't happen, happens, don't come crying to the true Patriots of this Country crying about why the big bad government didn't try to protect all of us! Cry me a river!

Wake up people, there are Islamist out there that want to exterminate Americans! Be alert. I wish Benjamin Netanyahu was my President! Yeah, I said it, you are entitled to my opinion!

Oh and one more thing, I've missed so much the past few days, Michael Moore, capitalist hater that you are, YOU ARE A FREAK OF NATURE!


Anonymous said...

Pretty dang good, sis!!! I'd say you covered stuff pretty well. Wow, what a resume for the moslems! Most practitioners are convicts! WOO!! THERE's a "religion of peace" for ya!

There is a pretty good number of we the people who clearly understand that these moslems want us dead. If it comes down to it, we'll stand on our hind legs and DEFEND. I believe it! I'll participate in it. We will not back down from a bunch of ridiculous hate-moslems who seem to be backed by even more ridiculous knee-jerking, gray-lining, Constitution-twisting liberal-socialists. The place is here. The time is now.

Sure. We'll TRY to do it their way....throw the wipes out in Congress in 2010. Throw their socialist leader out in 2012. But we may have to play hardball with their media bedmates.

The more stupid these people act, the more angry we become.

Lee said...

Sarah Palin knocked one out of the park right here on the whole UN thing. Mark Levin then asked, on his radio show, how much different a President Palin's speech might have differed from BO's apology for America in front of that den of thieves. Remember just a very few short years ago when an honest-to-God real man represented us there and the Dems refused to confirm him? I'm speaking of John Bolton, of course.

Anyway, Netanyahu gave 'em what fer but I'd wager many of those needing to hear it walked out.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I agree.

ArthurRex12 said...

This kind of stuff is so insane. I want to throw up in my mouth a little every time I see that video of the New Jersey schoolkids. What is it with the Far Left these days? Are they done hiding at last?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I had ever shared my belief that it was a matter of time before the IEDs will be coming state side.

Well, this is proof it is a matter of time that it is going to happen. Unless of course we allow those in the intellectual community do they job without fear of needed to get the advice or council of a lawyer every 30-seconds.