Friday, September 11, 2009

Well, well, miracles will never cease to happen!

Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN - Political News -

Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN - Political News -

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Right-Wing Libertarian said...


Yeah ... "we won, but we're really nothing but cheats!"

Now this is the first step in the right direction we've taken in a long time. It's so much fun, we really should do it again some time!!

Like next year! And 2012!

fuzzys dad said...

It is going to be a long hard fight to weed these clowns out.

Lee said...

RWL, FD, well said!

Let us continue to drive home the fact that ACORN is a wholly owed subsidiary of the DNC.

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

Thanks, Lee ... good to seeya still snooping around!!

VN8 - thanks so much for keeping Martha such good company. Your friendship is much appreciated.

HAY!!! Why is everybody elses word verification 4 or 5 letters, and YOURS is like "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"


Conservative Scalawag said...

Chalk one up for the good guys,liberty, and the new media

Lee said...

How could we have let the fifth anniversary of Ratergate pass? September 8, 2004, 60 Minutes aired the political hit-piece on W that was backed up by phony documents. Rather and his producer, Mary Mapes obtained the documents from unreliable (Bill Burkette) and unverifiable (Lucy Ramirez) sources. They knew before going on the air that the docments were, at best, questionable. That a major news organization would air a dishonest segment for the purpose of influencing an election is incredible. Let us always remember Rathergate as the incident that definitively exposed the MSM.

Anyway, sorry for the diversion from the topic.

Conservative Scalawag said...

The latest is they lost their funding, however 7 in the senate voted against ACORN losing it.

They are all dems, and from very liberal states like Illinois,Vermont,New York,and Rhodes Island