Friday, September 25, 2009

History has a way of repeating . . .

Don't let this happen to our Country!


Right-Wing Libertarian said...

When that guy rose to power, there were some who said, "Our country is too strong. Our people will never allow totalitarianism! He's just gonna get people working again and all will be fine."

History only repeats when nobody learns from it.

It is clear to us that oblama and his socialists have to go. The question is, are there enough of "us"?

fuzzys dad said...


VoteNovember2008 said...

God forgive me, HELL YES there's enough of US and if you know anybody that thinks GOVERNMENT is out of CONTROL and they are sitting on their laurels, tell them 2010 may be our last STAND! Remember the ALAMO! Keep the faith, keep up the fight! When you think you can't repeat the TRUTH to one more soul, when you think you can't take one more step for FREEDOM, remember this, we may be on a battlefield, but we sleep under a roof at night and we aren't dodging bullets, YET! VN8

Martha said...

I'm reminded of the lyrics I came across the other day, by Warzone. I had to share...

People say they've got minds of their own
They'll get sucked in - then they'll know
They get brainwashed into doing things
Things that they never really believed
Get up fight back - take a stand
Time is now - take a stand
Before it's too late - take a stand
Get up fight back
They hear - they see - take a stand
They're looking for an easy way out
Got to make sure they don't sap the will from you
Got to make sure they don't make a fool out of you
Get up fight back - take a stand
Time is now - take a stand
Before it's too late - take a stand
Get up fight back
You've got to - take a stand
Until you die - take a stand
In my grave - take a stand
I'll never give in - take a stand

Conservative Scalawag said...

Fuzzy, this goes beyond creep, and wonders in to the arena of Jim Jones / Charles Manson level of disturbing mind washing.

ArthurRex12 said...

Hey, VN8. Glad you see things the same way I do. I haven't made it to the TEA parties, but I've been following whatever coverage I can on whatever news outlets I can reach. Feel free to follow my blog if you'd like my own take on the various stories that catch my eye.

Conservative Scalawag said...

Just checking in to say HI, and to make sure all is well with you.

Teresa said...

There are so many similarities between Hitler and Obama it is scary. Ignorance is not learning from past mistakes. I hope we can convince the rest of the country to wake up and stop being ignorant.


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