Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Man slaps stranger’s crying kid |

Man slaps stranger’s crying kid |

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(OK, if this wasn't serious, it would be funny! How many times have I been out in public and wondered if kids are event taught any manners or discipline these days? I will tell you what has worked overwhelmingly for me is the "evil eye". When the parents aren't looking I give the misbehaving child the "evil eye" that my Mom always gave me and that pretty much nips it in the bud every time. Children know when they are misbehaving most of the time, they just aren't given any direction in my opinion. Restaurants are the absolute worst. I've actually asked to be moved to another table when there are children acting out and when being seated if I'm being directed towards a table where there are children close by, I always ask to be seated somewhere else. On the other hand, many times I have observed well behaved children and have gone over to their table to express to their parents how well behaved their children are, what are your experiences? VN8)


theconservativegardener said...

Yikes! If looks could kill.....oh wait!

Conservative Scalawag said...

Trust I feel this guys pain,but you gotta have a little more self control over your self.

Cause even though there are some damn bad parents out there, who have little to no control over their kids, that doesn't justify slaping the kid.

If anything slap the parents, who are really at fault(kidding - well kind of).

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

That guy could have found himself looking up from the deck. He's extremely lucky. There is an extreme amount of rage against this type of arrogance. I'm a member of that club. I know a good many of them. This clown picked a good target, and he's still vertical because of it. Very lucky. It's all over now but the lawsuit.