Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Democratic Underground!

The liberals are turning inside out! I just found this post today, read it and ENJOY!

On January 20 of this very year - we were united, hopeful, and ready. We had gotten together behind a man who told us about hope, and change, and the type of future John Denver used to sing about. America would be different. We had a leader with vision, and strength - who told the truth and would take advantage of the huge majorities liberal and progressive American worked so hard to deliver.

And now? It's Bush;s 3rd term:

" If Bush were in his third term, we would already have seen him propose, yet again, the largest military budget in the history of the world. We might well have seen him pretend he was including war funding in the standard budget, and then claim that one final supplemental war budget was still needed, immediately after which he would surely announce that yet another war supplemental bill would be needed down the road. And of course, he would have held onto his Secretary of Defense from his second term, Robert Gates, to run the Pentagon, keep our ongoing wars rolling along, and oversee the better part of our public budget.

Bush would undoubtedly be following through on the agreement he signed with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for all U.S. troops to leave Iraq by the end of 2011 (except where he chose not to follow through). His generals would, in the meantime, be leaking word that the United States never intended to actually leave. He'd surely be maintaining current levels of troops in Iraq, while sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan and talking about a new "surge" there. He'd probably also be escalating the campaign he launched late in his second term to use drone aircraft to illegally and repeatedly strike into Pakistan's tribal borderlands with Afghanistan.

If Bush were still "the decider" he'd be employing mercenaries like Blackwater and propagandists like the Rendon Group and he might even be expanding the number of private security contractors in Afghanistan. In fact, the whole executive branch would be packed with disreputable corporate executive types. You'd have somebody like John ("May I torture this one some more, please?") Rizzo still serving, at least for a while, as general counsel at the CIA. The White House and Justice Department would be crawling with corporate cronies, people like John Brennan, Greg Craig, James Jones, and Eric Holder. Most of the top prosecutors hired at the Department of Justice for political purposes would still be on the job. And political prisoners, like former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and former top Democratic donor Paul Minor would still be abandoned to their fate.

In addition, the bank bailouts Bush and his economic team initiated in his second term would still be rolling along -- with a similar crowd of people running the show. Ben Bernanke, for instance, would certainly have been reappointed to run the Fed. And Bush's third term would have guaranteed that there would be none of the monkeying around with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that the Democrats proposed or promised in their losing presidential campaign. At this point in Bush's third term, no significant new effort would have begun to restore Katrina-decimated New Orleans either."

... ...

Mr. Obama bears ALL the responsibility for this. No, its not us who refuse to overlook what he has done and not done. It's him.

And on the 12th of November, we will certainly see some more selling out - when we hear his joint address to congress on health care.

Well, folks, I supported Hillary. I was told her what an ass I was - that Obama was the real deal. And I actually bought it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

No more. I am looking now for a primary challenge to Mr. Obama. Now, of course let me heat it:

-give him more time!
-he is doing all he can!
-this is part of a secret plan, only our wiser pols can understand.

I'm a Dem - and Mr. Obama is moving our party away from me. I am gonna work to take it back - again,


Anonymous said...

Of COURSE they're underground. That's what the shovels are for!

And yes, it is fun to see the democrats split up! They'll be too busy trying to sew up their own party so they can make some kind of lame showing in 2010 to worry about ridiculing the conservative movement.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Winger, there is tons of laughs for me incognito over there posting ambiguous comments! Sorry about your baby, sending prayers of compassion! VN8/BB

Anonymous said...

Looking like there is a little trouble in the People's Paradise.

Lee said...

The pertpetually petulant and angry left is throwing a tantrum.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Lee, the venom they spew is amazing. Not just at Conservatives but at each other. I told a Democratic friend today that after lurking at Democratic Underground, I believe they must eat their young! She didn't think it was funny, but it's the truth! Yikes, they are like a den of rattlesnakes over there! VN8

Anonymous said...

Vultures is what they really are.