Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brian Nichols may finally see light at the end of the tunnel . . .

it's probably the flames of hell!

Superior Court Judge Daniel Coursey ruled today that Cobb Superior Court Judge James Bodiford will continue to preside over this case!

"But Coursey said in his ruling that "the relationship between Judge Bodiford and Judge Barnes is not close enough to undermine the public's confidence in the judicial system."

The only thing remaining to accomplish is to determine if the Brian Nichols that is being held for the murders of a judge, court reporter, sheriff's deputy and an ICE agent is actually the person that was seen murdering a judge, court reporter, sheriff's deputy and and ICE agent. Come on people, fair trial? He's guilty, he knows he's guilty, his attorneys know he's guilty and pretty soon, with expediency the jury will find him guilty. Then the victim's families will be tortured with the appeals process.

Thank goodness we have a fair justice system. They say it is better that a guilty man walks free than for a not guilty person to be imprisoned!

You are the man Judge Bodiford! I pray for your mental acuity and your safety! VN8


Jim said...

It's time for Brian Nichols to fry.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Oh, I'm feeling the love! Quick call Lee and breezin! I personally think frying is too good for the SOB, I don't know what he deserves, but I'm sure he has asked God for forgiveness and he has some mental problems and deserves some mercy, but Jesus is going to have to forgive me, I haven't evolved to that plane yet! For anyone who thinks I'm being sac religious, I sincerely love God, but my human nature gets the best of me and I think we as humans need to see him suffer to reach some level of satisfaction!