Friday, May 23, 2008

President Jimmy Carter Syndrome


Jim said...

Woops VN8 you're gonna have to preach to yourself about respecting the President. Didn't you give us a little etiquette lesson on that? LOL

Lee said...

Dang, VN8, I forgot to add this glittering jewel of a gaffe to my little tirade of yesterday. What the heck is he saying? Is he suggesting our affluence is realized at the expense of others? How will other countries tell us that we live too well? Will the other Western nations be affected? How Marxist of him! Should the Central Committee come up with a five year economic plan to have us live less well?
What is truly amazing is that this passes for great oratory, rhetoric, and logic! He's so eloquent! I recommend Michelle Malkin's latest column for a full accounting of his verbal goobers that have gone with little (no) notice.

VoteNovember2008 said...

You know we have our own fight in this country against the "redistribution of wealth" crew, now the world wants to but in and tell us that we are fat and we use too much gasoline. I got one thing to say to all the countries that we support, "the gravy train stops here!" We live well because we strive and work hard to live well, since when is it a crime to live well? I refuse to feel guilty because we supposedly live well!