Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annie needs a bailout! Boo hoo!

Annie Leibovitz, photographer of stars, faces ruin

Annie Leibovitz, photographer of stars, faces ruin

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Anonymous said...

Heh -

Another page from the "They Eat Their Own" book! Note to our children:

DON'T let THIS happen to YOU! Get a REAL job, one that does not profit from the pain of others!

Sure, it's real work, but think how nice life is without lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Sniff Sniff My heart is broken. Not

Anonymous said...

I never liked her! I'm sobbing right now! NOT !


Anonymous said...

Should have saved her money, made better investments, and not taken out such large loans next time.

Otherwise, stinks to be her.

Lee said...

Any of you remember the three brainiac guys on several episodes of the X-Files? Is is just me or does Annie look like the blond headed guy from that trio?