Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Beer Summit?

Representative David Scott from Georgia has now invited Dr. Brian Hill. LIS to a beer summit on Saturday, August 15th. This beer summit is to discuss ObamaCare, Rep. Scott is in favor, Dr. Brian Hill vehemently opposes Obamacare. Wolf blitzer of CNN will be present with cameras! More information to follow as it becomes available. This is gonna get good! Stay tuned . . . VN8


Anonymous said...

I saw this one coming around the corner. I only wish I had said something. While I would never turn down a free beer, I doubt anything else would come of such a meeting. Mr. Scott probably found out a bit more about our good doctor and figured he'd get the face time. Would have been a different story if the hard questions would have come from, say, a plumber. VN8, did you read that analysis of the bill in simple language by that lawyer from
Liberty University School of Law? (It's on FD's page). If that's the true language, it's gonna take a heckuva lot of beer to convince any doctor that there's any good in it. Prepare for:

1) the death of ObamaCare and no chance of resurrection in the remainder of Obama's single term,


2) The largest beer shortage in the history of the United States. Huge price increases, imposed by the organization called the Big Lobby Of Brewers, BLOB, led by Germany, will raise the price per gallon of beer to unprecedented levels. Expect the "sky is falling" media to be all over this one. States will respond by lowering the maximum legal level BAC from .08 to .000005 in an effort to recoup "lost" revenue from otherwise dry drivers.

Anonymous said...

Right there with ya RWL, for the Congressman knew he messed up after finding out the Doc was a voter in his 13th Congressional District.

Lee said...

Why is that I can never get myself invited to these beer fests?

RWL, your post is great. Would you post the link to the Liberty U analysis?

VoteNovember2008 said...

Lee, you never get invited because I turned you in to, now don't get mad, you had it coming, you know you did! LOL It's the same reason I don't get invited not to mention I don't care for domestic beer! LOL VN8