Sunday, August 9, 2009

Georgia Republicans don't get it either!

Representative Bob Inglis (R)

(Way to go Bob, the President told us this week to shut up, now you are telling us to turn off the TV! For the love of God Almighty will somebody stop the kool aid tractor trailers going into Washington! I think Washington is getting drunk on that stuff! Yeah, I said it and you are entitled to my opinion! VN8)


Lee said...

The South Carolina GOP needs to primary this guy. Chastising constituents over Glenn Beck was boneheaded and likely meant to appeal to those who believe themselves to be above the fray. Seeing them get up and walk out had to sober him up. Why can't we have back Tom Delay, Dick Armey, and the old version of Newt?

VoteNovember2008 said...

Lee, Lee, Lee, come on, can't you be a little more progressive? Sometimes you just have to move into the next century! Quit living in the past! The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is so passe! I mean come on, it worked for the people of this Nation in it's infancy but be realistic, our founding Father's had no idea that we would have millions of people who didn't know how to survive in tough times or simply didn't want to be responsible. Show a little heart, we simply must all come together and live together as one! Kumbaya my Lord! You keep responding to my posts like this and we are going to have to send you back to sheeple school, get in line, get with the program, "WE" don't know what is best for us but the big bad Government does! Repeat after me, "The Government is my friend".

Yeah right! VN8

Anonymous said...

We also need Ronald Reagan

Anonymous said...

VN8, first gonna steal this from ya and repost it on my site.

Second, I could not even finish watching this liar of a politician.

Dear Lord, how stupid does he thing we are? Apperently stupid enough to show up and lie right to our faces, then say we are the one who are wrong.

That we need to stop informing ourselves, the government will take care of us, stop watching Beck,stop reading blogs, stop thinking for your self.

I nearly vomited watching this man.

The one person who said revolution is near, is right - it is if the government - both left and right - Democrat and Republican keep taking freedoms from us.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad CS re-posted because this bears repeating. The revolution we're facing is very real and it truly does transcend the blue and red. Right now a bunch of dems have raised their heads above the trench so they're getting most of the fire. (vis a vis health care) This vid just goes to show ya that some / many republicans are just as clueless about our need to educate our children, complete with work ethics, build our national pride and PRODUCE SOMETHING! We are ripe for a Conservative Party who will avert the train wreck the liberals have made of this country. You guys are right. The grazing is getting pretty barren these days, so it's time for the sheep to look up for a bit.