Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama administration says marriage law unfair -

Oh this should bring out the "disruptors" that Nancy Pelosi believes are true Americans! We got to keep an eye on this one! VN8

Obama administration says marriage law unfair -

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Anonymous said...

I have this idea, VN8 ...

They say an unpopular law is not enforceable.

Perhaps as we the people grow in our numbers and in our anger at the liberal permissive minority, we can prove that the less moral a law is, the less enforceable it is as well.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong.
Just the way things are.

Yeah, the crybabies will come out over the libertarian thing. Sure, do what you want. Just don't think for a minute you're gonna legislate your way into my wallet or my school system without a fight!

Anonymous said...

Tsk-tsk ... dang morality!! It just isn't fair!!! aw, boohoohoohoo....!!

(Can I have my "best impersonation of a lame-assed liberal" award now?)

I promise I won't burn it in effigy! I'll burn it right here in down-town Indianapolis!