Monday, August 31, 2009

Myth Busters: Here we go again!

OK, you may want to check this out if you are interested in "Freedom and Liberty". This is the latest "hair brain" (no pun towards VP Biden) idea that the White House has devised! Keep up the Fight, Keep the Faith! Be seen, be heard and be counted! VN8

Here's the quiz:

Take the "What's In Reform for You" Quiz

Just answer a few simple questions and the quiz will tell you the ways in which somebody like you will benefit.

Do you have insurance?
Yes No

Are you male or female?
Male Female

What is your age range?
25 and under 26-59 60 and up

Do you have children?
Yes No

Do you have a long-term condition or disability?
Yes No

Do you work for a small business?
Yes No

Are you a veteran?
Yes No

Are you considering changing employers at some point in the future?
Yes No

Are you self-employed?
Yes No

Have you or others in your family been seriously ill?
Yes No

Have you ever had trouble renewing your insurance?
Yes No

Do you think that your premiums are rising too fast?
Yes No

Do you think your out of pocket expenses, co-pays or deductibles have gotten out of hand?
Yes No

Think maybe they are gathering statistics? Oh and one more thing, this is the disclaimer at the bottom of the quiz:

The White House will not retain or store any of the information volunteered through this quiz.

Yeah and I got some ocean front property for you! Good grief!


Anonymous said...

"The White House will not retain or store any of the information volunteered through this quiz".
I know that's not true.. they do so retain. I sent them an email "complaint" and rec'd weeks later a "spam" telling me all about their health care and crap. My complaint had nothing to do with health care and they didn't even acknowledge it. lol

I don't need the government knowing any more about me than they already do.

Anonymous said...

I am not telling them squat.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Martha, FD, now you guys shouldn't be so paranoid! Just think this is the government that sold us Social Security. Can you imagine if someone had forced us by Payroll deduction to deposit money into an account for our retirement and when we were ready to retire, the money wasn't giving a good return or had even evaporated? Oh, I'm sorry, there for a minute I was comparing the government run Social Security with Bernie Madoff! Shame on me!

Hell no, we won't go! Keep up the fight, keep the faith, be seen, be counted and be heard! VN8

Anonymous said...

We ARE being seen and heard. Liberals are sizzling in their own juice because of it. There is simply too much resistance from "we the people", and Oblama and his socialists are trying to figure out how to deal with it. Any way BO turns with his ridiculous agenda, there is a huge part of the conservative movement there to hold him accountable. IMHO it will take him most of the rest of his single term to determine what he needs to do next. As long as we keep the faith as you advise, VN8, the socialism that Obama and his court envisions will never materialize here.

Anonymous said...

Biden still reminds me of a bad used car salesmen.

And you can have my info once you pull my ID out of my cold dead lefthand, cause the righthand one will have my Glock in it.