Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robert Novak dies at 78

"Always love your country, but never trust your government."
Robert Novak, a giant in American journalism.
February 26, 1931- August 18, 2009

Novak was a registered Democrat despite his conservative political views. He held more centrist views in his early career, and he supported the Democratic presidential candidacies of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, of whom he was a friend.[9]

Novak tended toward low-tax, small-government libertarian views, but his disagreements with mainstream Republicans and neoconservatives—specifically his opposition to the Iraq War[10]—have earned him the label of being a "paleoconservative". In July 2007 Novak expressed support for Ron Paul's bid for the presidency.[11]

Raised Jewish, Novak was introduced to Catholicism when his friend, Jeffrey Bell, Republican political consultant and former Reagan aide, gave him some books on the Catholic faith.[12] Novak converted to Roman Catholicism in 1998,[13] after meeting Peter Vaghi, whom he had known before Vaghi switched from politics to the priesthood.

(Robert Novak was all over the political and religious map but I liked his honesty. I may not always agree with someone, but honesty is always a plus, it is what trust is based upon! RIP VN8)


Anonymous said...

He will be missed by many.

Lee said...

He was a great reporter and pundit. I read his book, Prince of Darkness, which clears up so much that happened in politics since the 50s.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Scalawag, there's no doubt about that! VN8