Friday, August 14, 2009

NaziCare: You decide!

This is odd, what a comparison of emblems! Whose carrying the swastika now Congresswoman Pelosi? I stole it from Fuzzy's Dad aka MusingsofaVastRight-Winger who stole it from InAHandBasket, what would I do without you fellow Patriots! Stop by their blogs and give them a shout, tell them I sent you! Support the movement. VN8


Lee said...

They've been all over RL about this but, dang it, it's true.

Up through the mid-80s, the Army PX building in Nuremberg was in an old WW2 German Army building. At the point above the 4th floor where the roof met in a inverted V (don't know the term for that) there was a large, perhaps thirty feet across, eagle over the globe in the exterior plaster. Many coats of paint over the years helped obscure it but it was there. Deutchland uber Alles, I suppose. At our HQ building, also in Nuremberg, swastikas about three inches in diameter were stamped into the iron on the stairwell railings. Real conversation pieces.

Anonymous said...

Paging Dr.Mengele.

Yes, Obamacare is very similar to Nazicare, just with a smile on it.