Monday, August 17, 2009

Wonder how the MSM is going to handle this one?

"Uncle Tom sell out carries semi automatic carbine to Town Hall meeting."

CNN Sanchez just doesn't know what direction to take on this video! They are talking about a guy who was carrying a gun and showing a video of another guy that the reporter wasn't even talking about!

Watching this in the media is going to be good. They can't attack him for being white, but they can attack him for carrying a weapon, but how could a black man oppose the messiah? Yep, pop some popcorn, this guys going to be on all the talking head shows!

This isn't about race, this is about FREEDOM, freedom to speak, freedome to carry! VN8


Right-Wing Libertarian said...

Hey now ... don't forget what looks to be a Taser on his left hip.

Extra butter for me!


Conservative Scalawag said...

That is a revolver RWL, probably a S&W 686 .357 mag with a 3" barrel - but I am just guessing here.

What bothers me is how the conservative sites are treating this. Hotair is against it,and even calling this guy nutty and dangerous for bringing a rifle to the event.

Thing is, we are - or should a nation of riflemen (and women).

VoteNovember2008 said...

Now, now guys, we don't wany anybody to get hurt! You know the reason we all want to carry and flash our weapons around is because of all of our insecurities. Now I'm suggesting that we all go to a gun range, get all the gunnies there to put down their weapons and do a little meditation and yoga! I mean hell fire, if you are a mayor of a City and see a woman being attacked and render her assistance, just because the perp has a pipe doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to defend ourselves and others with our bare hands! Wonder how that's working out for him.

Pipe = 1
Barehands = 0

I'm thinking he got a valuable lesson regarding a right to carry! Unfortunately!

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

Thanks, CS!! SO much the better!!

(There's a Pearle Vision place near my house ... I'm gonna do my Stevie Wonder impression and drive there!)

(NOT racist, it's from a Richard Pryor skit)

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

So, VN8, shall I fax you the words and music to "Cum-By-Ya"?

It's best performed on a "flutophone" by an undisciplined group of 6th graders, but we could fake it.


VoteNovember2008 said...

Probably need the lyrics, I came home singing that in the late 60's along with "This Land Is Our Land" and in short order my mother told me to cease and desist! You know what I'm saying? VN8

Martha said...

Oooooo man my post didn't stick. Okay I'm glad we have an open carry law here and yes I would do so!

Conservative Scalawag said...

RWL - sadly I am old enough to remember that skit.