Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bolton on Joe the Bummer!


Lee said...
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Lee said...

Here's the question: How long will it be before the MSM or the Nutroots suggest that Biden is a Karl Rove plant?

Bolton nailed the issue. If for no other reason than the congressional Dems blocked his confirmation vote, they should be ashamed. But they aren't. John Bolton is a patriot who understands America's place in the world and knows how to represent her interests...more than most any of the Dems in Congress - to include Joe Biden and BO.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Lee, John Bolton is a patriot! I think most people have lost all common sense. I hear, well I don't like BO tax plan, I'm a Republican but we need change and I'm voting for Obama. I'm like, what? None of that makes sense to me! LOL VN8