Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama . . .

An Iraq Veteran has a personal message for Barack Obama


Country Comes To Town said...

I kind of like the message of this life long Republican better. He seems to be older, wiser and speaking from the heart and not reading from a script like the guy was on your post. Don't you agree? He's a Regan Republican and you know, many of the people who worked in the Reagan administration have come out in support of Barack Obama in recent days. There is still time for you to jump ship and join team Obama VN8. We have a big tent.

Lee said...

Jim, I can't speak for VN8, but I'm not willing to be a zombie for BO. As for your little dig at the young troop in the video, I'll forgive him for reading from a script.

VoteNovember2008 said...

Jim, sometimes you really amaze me. You have finally characterized Senator McCain. You know BO always reads from the teleprompter, but Senator McCain is older, wiser and speaking from the heart. You must have eventually seen that.

As for the Patriot in the video who gave his leg for his service to this great Nation, I'd be ashamed if I were you that I had uttered those words. I'm sure after his service to this Nation that he has become older and wiser beyond his years as we all sit around in the glorious safety of our homes.

I suppose there are those of you out there that believe he received a hefty penny for his support of McCain in making this video. LOL I say, here,THANK YOU for your service to this Nation, thank you for your personal sacrifice and thank you for giving each of us an opportunity to determine whom we think can lead this Nation on November 4th. You are a true Patriot!

majority of us here on the blog are so yellow we wouldn't know which way was up if we were in a foxhole and if we did know which way was up, we most likely wouldn't crawl out to fight! I say the majority because we do have some here who served their country well and for the most part they seem to be conservative by nature.

As for jumping ship, it would be a cold day in hell before I would vote for someone who wants to rob the rich and give it to the lazy bastards who won't work.

Do you know I listened to Neal Boortz yesterday and there was a lady on there who, three years after hurricane Katrina was still receiving assistance from FEMA!? OK, something is damn wrong with a system that would allow her to still be sucking off of the tit! No shame, people have no pride and no shame and that is something that must be stopped or we are all going to be in the poor house. There will be the ultra elite who have locked their money up tighter than you can imagine and then there will be no jobs and no "middle class" (Jim those are the ones you seem to be most concerned about) and then what are you gonna do? Keep on living your pipe dream, BO is going to save the world, hell he might even save Pluto! (Solie, I threw that on in for you because I know you want so desperately for it to be renamed a planet so you can live there! LOL)

As for the Republicans jumping ship, some people are RINO's, they aren't really conservatives, they go where the wind blows, there have been just as many Democrats that have jumped ship Jim and they give some rather compelling and frightening reasons that they cannot support BO.

The fat lady isn't singng and she isn't humming yet either, it will probably be sometime on Wednesday or Thursday before we truly know the outcome, but I have already voted, no turning back now!

Oh and Lee, did you notice that the Republicans get up might early in the morning! Yep, we are out slopping the hogs and feeding the chickens! VN8

Lee said...

VN8, I thought about going down Jim's throat concerning his dismissive attitude toward the soldier in your video but I don't want to read too much into his words. And to be honest, I don't believe Jim understands or appreciates the nature of military duty. As for the guy in his video, well, he's welcome to support whomever he pleases. He certainly doesn't make a compelling case for BO.