Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Fold Post and a Challenge

OK, I should be working my part-time job, but this morning there are two things on my mind and I wanted to share them with anyone who wants to read them. I know you are out there.

Yesterday I was listening to that evil Dave Ramsey, you know the Christian Conservative Financial Adviser who believes we are all responsible for our on financial destiny? He supposedly received this email from one of his callers, it goes as follows and this was how I remembered what was said:

Man goes into a fancy restaurant, has a fabulous meal, received great service from the server, receives the check. While eating his fabulous meal he decides to test Senator Obama's, "Spread the Wealth" plan. Man pays the check, informs the server that his 10.00 tip is going to be given to the homeless guy on the sidewalk to "spread the wealth." Server has a fit and tells the man that he worked for that tip, but the man goes to the homeless guy on the street who needed the 10.00. Moral of the story, if you aren't having a hissy fit yet, you probably will if you don't vote for a Conservative!

Now the second thing I have on my mind is sort of a financial challenge of sorts. I know there are bloggers out there who have told me that they don't like hypotheticals, don't exactly understand that, they aren't dangerous, but let's just say that Senator Obama, God forbid, is elected, remember the election isn't over just yet and you qualify for the 95% of Americans who receive his glorious tax cut. (Thank you sir, may I have another?)

What is your financial plan for the money that each of you save in taxes to prepare for your future, to prepare for the next emergency?

Each of us is in charge and responsible for our own destiny, the government cannot do it for us. Oh I forgot, the hypothetical was Senator Obama was elected, I guess we don't have to be responsible, he does think the government IS the ANSWER. VN8

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Anonymous said...

" What is your financial plan for the money that each of you save in taxes to prepare for your future, to prepare for the next emergency?"

Now as Frank Zappa would say, that is the crux of the biscuit.

It worries me that in the next months and years to come, "emergencies" will occur at a much higher rate than they have in the past. I guess I have to laugh at the tongue-in-cheek reference to tax savings. If there really was a savings in our future, you wouldn't have had to make this post ... but we see the writing on the wall. So we have, maybe a year before BO hozes up the tax code. I can save, maybe 20 bucks in that time! hehe ;-)